Friday, April 3, 2015

April Showers

April Snow Showers.
We interrupt spring to bring you this wintry weather. 

Use caution.
Those roads are deceptively slick.

This morning's commute.
I hope the driver is ok.
But alas, spring is in the hair!

Misty is itchy and shedding like crazy.
April goals:
  • Continue dressage lessons
  • Get Gel-One injection into my injured knee
  • Go for a trail ride (first one since my accident)
  • Wash and whiten Misty's tail
  • Exercise 4 days a week
    • Pilates
    • Elliptical
    • Walking
    • Yoga
March 2015 recap:
  • Rode when the weather and my work scheduled allowed. March was cold and snowy.
  • Continued my dressage lessons; worked on walk/trot transitions, body position, seat and leg aids, and rein usage; got to get rid of that annoying counter-bend I get us into from time to time. We are improving, but I can still get Misty and myself twisted like a pretzel.
  • Misty and I camped at the Jefferson Country Fairgrounds and attended a western dressage clinic on fundamental skills. We had some big spooks inside the indoor arena when the sound system picked up some interference and the speaker made loud static/hissing noises. All the horses spooked. After the 3rd spook, I dismounted and took Misty out of the arena. As you can imagine, my fear adrenaline was running high due to last year's trail accident. My legs turned to rubber. They changed the channel on the speaker and I waited 15 minutes to make sure the problem was fixed and then I rejoined the group and rode the rest of the day. It was a good experience.  Always good to get Misty out and about and we bond on these little trips.

Relaxing at the fairgrounds.
Do ya think our hobby is just a little risky?


  1. Sounds like the clinic was a good experience.

    April 1 we had a little snow too. It's still on the ground in patches but it is warming up and raining today. I can't wait for the warmth I'm so sick of this past winter.

    1. I'm with you Grey Horse..sick of winter. We've warmed up a bit, but the spring winds are a reminder that the weather is still volatile.

  2. It's already looking like summer here. I can't compute snow in April.
    Glad the clinic was good. One of these days, all events will eliminate those speaker issues. Usually it is someone putting a microphone that's switched on near a speaker.

    1. Summer at the beach...ahhh. You are fortunate. Yeah, I'll be nervous riding with any sound system now. The speaker was far away and sitting above the arena. A rider may have had a cell phone in their pocket, although they did ask everyone to turn their cell phones off. I left mine in my truck.

  3. Yeah slightly risky hehe. I hope the weather improves soon. It sucks when winter just lingers and lingers.

    1. And those Llamas come with a big warning too. More winter weather coming this week. Ugh. A big spring storm. Weather forecasters are scaring me.