Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mother Nature...I have a complaint.

Easter Sunday 2009

This is not what I was expecting to wake up to on Easter morning.

My husband says this is why the Easter Bunny colors his eggs.
So the children in Colorado can find them.

Here's what the Easter Bunny left for me.

I rented this movie last week and watched it on my iPod.
I enjoyed it very much!

Afterward, I lamented that I hadn't seen it on a bigger screen.
The scenery and the filming appeared to be stunning, but I couldn't see the details on my tiny screen.
I want to watch it again, on a bigger screen.

Thank you Easter Bunny!

Action, adventure, beautiful scenery, good guys vs bad guys, humor, romance, horses, and cattle.
All the makings of a great movie.


  1. I have been wanting to see Australia but got kind of wrapped up in Twilight when it came out. I can't believe you got snow! We haven't gotten anything closer to Denver, not that it doesn't look like it could happen at any second.

  2. RMY, You are lucky. Crazy Colorado weather here. I'm tired of snow.

    I read the first 2 Twilight books and liked them a lot. Wasn't as happy with the movie as I had hoped. I liked Australia more, probably because someone told me it was weird so my expectations were not high. I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. I guess I shouldn't complain about the've got it worse! I really wanted to see that movie this weekend! I was going to rent it. I've heard really mixed reviews on it! I'm glad you thought it was good, think I'll give it a chance. Happy Easter!

  4. I am sorry for you, OnceUpon - we have had enough of snow now, haven't we?
    I love Australia, it was one of the better movies I've seen the last years. I went to the cinema with my duaghter, so we had it on wide screen.
    Fantastic picture and a captivating store. With horses! Can it be better?
    Oh, I forgot Hugh Jackman.

  5. Ah yes, Horse, don't forget Hugh Jackman. I wish I'd seen it in the theater. I'm hoping to watch it tonight.

  6. Glad you had a Happy Easter and found all the colored eggs. I enjoyed the movie too, I'm sure you will too on the bigger screen.