Monday, June 15, 2009

Road Trippin'

I went on vacation! I got away...out of town...with my husband!

It was a quick road trip, but a trip none the less. It's not often I get to go on vacation with my husband. Thank you to our good friends, D & D, for taking care of our hooved, pawed, and winged family members while we were gone. All the animals, large and small, were happy and healthy when we returned.

We left last Thursday morning and stopped at one of my favorite breakfast spots in Georgetown, Colorado.

Tee Hee Hee.
I wish they sold T-shirts at this place.

We drove over the mountains and into Utah. It's June and what did we find in the Colorado mountains?

That's right. Snow!

Fortunately it warmed up as we left Colorado.

We visited Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. I'd never been there before.

It was spectacular.

The park is full of huge rock formations and over 2,000 natural sandstone arches.

The epitome of the rugged, wild west of the United States.

My favorite rock formation called "The Three Gossips".

My husband under the "Sand Dune" arch.

One of the "Windows" arches.

Utah's famous "Delicate Arch".

"Delicate Arch" from a Pro's perspective.
Photo by "National Park Service Photo".

One of the park's residents who kindly posed for a photo.

Yes, I wanted to bring it home with me. But my husband has decreed a "2 for 1" order in our household. He says if I bring 1 more critter home, I have to get rid of 2!

Dude string horses near Moab.

I would love to return and see the area from horseback.

If you are ever in Southern Utah, be sure to visit Arches National Park. It's incredible!


  1. If they had t-shirts I would certainly buy one.
    The Arches National Park was wonderful. Love all the colors and formations. Glad you got to get away for a bit.

  2. Spectacular is the word. WOW!
    Thanks so much for sharing the photos, they were beautiful.
    It is so nice to have someone you can trust to take care of the animals. It makes it possible to relax and not worry what is happening, which otherwise ruins the fun of being away...

  3. Whew! Busy week at work with lots of problems. I need another vacation.

    Thanks for commenting Linda, GreyHorse, and HofC. It was nice to get away and not worry (too much) about the animals at home.

    Now if I can just get through Friday of this week....

  4. Lovely photos! I am always amazed at the diversity of the US. I am over here in the east and your trip was in the same country, yet the scenery is soooo different! You definitely have to come back to see it all from horseback!

  5. Beautiful haunting pictures! Sounds like a delightful getaway for you both.

  6. I love your pictures, I am just dying to get out to Canyonlands and Arches someday. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Misty and Marley are darling!!

  7. Wonderful photos. I'd love to visit there one day. (Whenever I hear 'Colorado' I think of John Denver!)

  8. Wow, very nice. Thanks for sharing, I love to live vicariously through pics that other people post :)