Friday, August 28, 2009

My First Breyer

There was something missing from my horse crazed childhood.

I had a Barbie doll; Ken too.

I had a family of trolls and their troll house.

I had a Betsy Wetsy doll and an Easy Bake Oven.

I had a large collection of stuffed animals that included a gorilla, a snake, and a tiger. I also had Toucan Sam that my mother ordered for me from a box of Froot Loops.

There was one stuffed horse that I brought home from a trip to Germany when I was 10 years old. It's the only stuffed animal I still have from my childhood.

I had a squirt gun, a slinky, a jump rope, and a hoola-hoop.

I enjoyed many of the typical childhood toys.

Oddly though, I never had a collection of Breyer model horses.

At the ripe age of 50, I have decided to right this wrong.

My first Breyer horse arrived in the mail recently. I opened the box to find inside...


What? You've never heard of the Breyer Mummy?

Ok, so Breyer never really made a Mummy model. Who could it be then? Let's find out...

2004 edition of the Old Timer mold.

Since I love drafts and he looks like he could be a Percheron, this guy seemed like a good start to my belated collection. I'll never be a big collector, but I plan to buy a few that have special meaning to me.

Did you have a Breyer horse collection when you were young? Or young at heart? It's never too late, you know.

Hmmm? Maybe when I wake up Saturday morning, I'll have an urge to watch cartoons while I eat my cereal. Froot Loops, of course.


  1. Very cute!!! Froot Loops! Too funny.

    This post reminds so much of a blog I liked "River Ridge Farm". She had a Fjord named Izzy and she also collected Breyer horses. She disappeared off the internet and I so wanted to ask her about her one bitless bridle. Did you know her blog?

  2. Now that brings back memories. I have an extensive Breyer horse collection in a box some where. Old Breyers from the late 70's and through the 80's. I never imagined they would be "collectors items" when I begged mom, dad, and grams to buy them. Next time I go back to Gram's I'll have to dig that box out.

    I also have the entire Black Stallion series books, original print.

    Side note - my "verification word" today is "manes" how cool is that. Typically is a nonsense word!

  3. juliette, I've not heard of that blog. Too bad she's offline now.

    JeniQ, those are precious childhood momentos you have. How fun that you still have them.

  4. I have had Breyer horses for as long as I can remember. I only have a couple from my childhood, but I have since bought several of the newer ones that have appealed to me. I am also in my 50s, and have started to collect some of the Painted Ponies. I also collect living breathing horses, ponies and minis too! LOL

  5. I had a collection of Breyer horses as a child, and I still have them. I tried passing them on to my daughter, but she wasn't interested, so they are just lined up on a shelf collecting dust. I have a dapple gray Old Timer. He still has his hat too. My favorite was Midnight Sun.

  6. I like that has a lot of expression.... I've never had one (how is that possible?)

  7. You are all making me feel more confident that I'm not just going senile.

    GoldenGirl, thanks for visiting. Glad to know there are other 50ish horse crazy girls out there.

    NuzMuz, oh, too bad your daughter didn't want them. Good thing you still have them though. Maybe for grandkids? That's what I'm hoping.'s never too late. I don't know how I managed to not have any Breyers till now either.

  8. No Breyer horses here.
    Didn't exist.
    But lots of bikes and tree branches that could do as a horse. And drawings...and best of all, the real stuff!

  9. I had a Breyers horse collection. it's in the attic. and I have the horse in your picture, but I've had it since atleast the 80s (born in 84).