Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In The Soup

1. The white foam a surfer finds himself in after the wave breaks.
2. Meaning "in deep trouble" or in over one's head
3. A pilot's expression for flying in bad weather with no visibility.

My dad was a private pilot with an instrument rating so we often flew "in the soup". All feet and hooves are firmly planted on the ground this evening, but we are nonetheless "in the soup".

Sunday we were in the 70s; mid 60s yesterday and this morning. The temperature is dropping quickly and we are shrouded in misty fog. We expect to awake to snow in the morning.

Misty and Marley are in the barn, impatiently awaiting dinner while I prepare soaked beet pulp shreds - a warm, moist treat on a chilly night....just a little though, since they don't eat beet pulp on a regular basis.

Do you feed anything special to your horses when there are sudden and extreme drops in temperature? I boarded at a stable that fed bran mash whenever there were extreme temperature changes; they claimed it prevented colic. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Is it helpful or harmful?

4. Where "The Beav" goes:

P.S. I love June Cleaver. I'm nothing like her, but I have to admire a woman who can do housework in pearls and heels and still be so pleasant.


  1. If there is a sudden temperature change, we usually feed a warm bran mash. I don't know if it really helps or not but the horses love it.

    As a child I could never understand why my own mom didn't sashay around the house in heels and pearls and a dress like June or Donna Reed. Guess it was because she worked the night shift to keep us fed and clothed.

  2. We don't feed anything extra special to the horses with a temperature change, but it sure sounds nice. I bet chubby Marley liked that treat!!!

    June Cleaver is my idol. I sure think life seemed "perfect" then. I watch Madmen now, and Betty Draper is anything but June or Donna. She does ride horses though!

  3. I like to make warm bran mash with crushed peppermints and applesauce but that's not too often. The horses almost need a foal feeder they scarf it down so fast!
    Oh I love madmen! It's like watching my life as a kid. Yes, Don Draper is my dad...ugh!!
    My mother was definitely not Betty though! LOL!

  4. I can't believe I just spent the last ten minutes watching Leave It To Beaver, lol! I'm no June Cleaver, either, but I swear there are days the kids seem like the Beav!

    Nothing special for my horses, just extra hay to munch on when the weather dips down.

  5. No, we don't feed them anything special.

    I had a mare a couple of years ago though that was prone to colicing, so I cooked linseed every day to add to her feed.
    I felt good to give something porridge-like when the temperature was low.

  6. I think some of the things we do for our horses just make us feel good because we love them. M & M got a little more soaked beet pulp tonight. Juliette...yes, chubby Marley was very happy.

    I watch Mad Men too; watching season 2 on dvd. Just finished the episode in which Betty kicks Don out of the house. And when at the stable she runs into the young man who asks her if she is just going to ride or just got done riding because he can never tell. I was thinking the same thing. She never gets dirty, never breaks into a sweat, and never has helmet hair and is always dressed for the show ring.

    M & M get extra hay too when the temps drop; generally 10% extra for every 10 degrees below freezing. Been snowing all day today.

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