Saturday, October 2, 2010

About SaraJane our Foster Filly

Misty was a lonely-only for several months this summer after her barnmate went to a new home.  I considered purchasing another horse, but decided against it.  I've made great progress with Misty since she has been an only-horse and she needs to remain my focus. My job is stressful and requires some long hours; upwards of 60 hours a week lately. The reality is: I don't have time to ride two horses.

But horses are herd animals and I didn't want Misty to be alone for long.  So SaraJane has come to live with us.  SaraJane belongs to a horse rescue and we are providing her a foster home. 

SaraJane and her herdmates were picked up last Spring by the rescue after receiving a phone call from a concerned individual who knew the horses were in jeopardy.  SaraJane and her herdmates were being kept in a junk filled pasture with no grass. They had not been fed in two weeks.  Their keeper did not care about them at all so fortunately relinquished them with no argument.

SaraJane is as sweet as they come.  She is a gentle soul who likes people.  She seeks people out, follows people around, and loves attention.  She is a beautiful rose gray color and cute as a bug's ear.  She is 2 years old and apparently had no hoof care her whole life.  She came to the rescue with a slipper foot, 8 to 12 inches long, on her left front hoof.

SaraJane's farrier told me when she walked, she rolled onto the outside of her deformed hoof.  She had no heel to support her weight and her frog - what there was of it - did not make contact with the ground.  He was not sure he could save her hoof, but started working on it little by little.  In four months time it began to resemble a normal hoof.  Below you can see her left hoof is still much smaller than her right hoof and her heel is contracted.  But at least she has a heel now.

SaraJane's hoof is a work in progress. She needs time to just hang out, receive regular hoof care, eat good food, and interact consistently with people.  Her future is a little uncertain, but the  rescue's veterinarian thinks she will eventually be suitable for light riding. Time will tell.  Until she is ready for more training or gets adopted, she is welcome at our home.  She is fitting right in and follows Misty's lead, even napping in one of Misty's favorite spots....the ditch-o-poo.

Misty napping in the poo last winter.

SaraJane napping in the poo today, as Misty stands guard.

A girl needs a warm, cozy spot to nap on a chilly morning.

Check back soon to see the adorable Welcome Wagon gift SaraJane received from two handsome admirers.


  1. How lucky can a filly get!!! I'm so glad she's found a temporary safe home with you.

  2. She is soooo pretty. I never thought of fostering for companionship for a single horse home. I guess rescuing the donkey was just as good lol. And Chrome loves him. :)

  3. Sarah is adorable and looks so happy to be with you.Misty looks happy for the companionship. It was very nice of you to offer her a temporary home until her foot heals from the neglect. How can people do that? Sweetie had the same problem on her two front hooves.

  4. Once Upon - you are a great horse owner with a golden heart. At every turn you do the right thing for horses! What a special thing you are doing right now for SaraJane and your Misty. You are giving SaraJane love and human attention that she needed so badly and at the same time Misty gets a best friend to take care of and spend her days with. You are finding balance too, with your job and your time riding Misty. (I am still wishing more horse riding hours for you!!!) You are a truly good horse person! Hooray!

  5. I am so proud of you! I am excited about the progress you are making with Misty and how wonderful to provide a home for SaraJane. She sure is a cutie!
    My guys heard there was a new cute gal in the 'hood. They want to come meet her!

  6. I just don't understand how people can treat any animal this way, thank goodness for people like you who can jump in and truly save a life. She's lovely and hopefully with some time and care she will make someone a lifelong companion.

  7. So glad Misty has a friend. They do so much better with a buddy.

  8. Oh, so sad about her hoof and her past. But what a sweet horse! Sounds like Misty and SaraJane need each other! How wonderful!

  9. That's great that they get along. Offering a foster home to a horse in need is good for the soul. Thanks for you comment on my blog. You know you have my sympathies for the long and unpredictable hours.

  10. She is really a sweet, beautiful little horse.
    What a nice way to get Misty company.
    Do you know anything of her breed? When I look at the pics it looks as if it could be something Iberian in there?

  11. Ah, a wonderful gift you've given that filly - a friend and a ditch of poo!


    Hope her hoof's feeling better very soon.

  12. She is a beautiful little horse. After reading your description of what happened, I envisioned her hoof looking worse than it actually does.

    I think it's awesome that you are fostering a horse. If I could afford a second, I would certainly foster. This is the perfect solution for someone needing a pasture buddy....and for a horse who needs a home (even if temporary).

    From the photos, it certainly looks like they enjoy each other's company :)

  13. Falling upon hard times is one thing, but abandonment...I don't know how people live with themselves.

    How sweet that you took SaraJane in, what a perfect situation for all concerned! Love the photo of Misty sharing her favorite spot with her new friend!!

  14. That is a very sweet picture; Misty standing over her while she naps - they are bonding!

    And kudos for you taking her in ~ shes only 2? Im glad she has you and Misty to help her understand that there are humans out there who care...

  15. Thank you for your comments on SaraJane. It's been another couple crazy weeks at work and I'm just getting to read them.

    achieve1dream...rescuing a donkey is great! Misty would have burro buddy if the neighborhood allowed it.

    I agree with all of you who ask how can people be so cruel to horses. I don't know either. Fortunately SaraJane doesn't seem to have any emotional or behavioral problems from being in bad hands. Appears she was terribly neglected, but thankfully not abused.

    HorseOfCourse, I don't know her breeding. The rescue calls her a grade quarter horse type. Looks like she has a quarter horse butt, but when I saw her running in the pasture, her tail came straight up like an Arabian. Probably a mixture of backyard breeding.

    Carol, the farrier told me he wished he had gotten a picture of her bad hoof. He'd never seen anything quite so strange. He's done a good job with her and in 6 months or so, maybe her hoof will be completely normal. Or not. But she gets around on it well.

    feralwoman, she's about 2.5 years old according to the vet. She's a petite little gal. She's very sweet. And lovin' her diet balancer pellets. She didn't know how to eat pellets at first, bobbed her head and dropped a lot. But now she hovers them right up and doesn't miss a pellet.