Monday, November 1, 2010

Misty's Monday Muse - Something's in the Air

It's baaaack.

The inevitable has happened.

Yesterday afternoon, the sky was blue.
Yesterday, I took MyLady on a lead line walk to the pond.
 This morning, the sky is all white and fuzzy.
Today, MyLady doesn't want to go for a walk.

Bella is happy.
She loves to roll in the snow.
Bella would like to go for a walk today.

(This snow won't last long, but it's a glimpse of things to come.)

It had to happen sometime,


  1. Oh No! It's waaay too early for the white stuff!

  2. My boys smelled like yucky, wet ponies...well, of course, that's what they were!

    Tucker LOVED the snow. I couldn't get him to potty because he kept romping and playing and was totally distracted by the white stuff!

  3. Oh, it does seem too early for snow! But thanks for the reminder - it is coming, isn't it? (LOL)

  4. In our household, everyone is all ears when I report the weather from "Once Upon". Tonight, it went like this..."Once Upon has snow!" "Already?!?!", Brian and Maizie shouted in unison.
    Misty, you keep your new friend comfy cozy in the snowflakes. I don't remember seeing Bella before...she is a lovely snow puppy!

  5. Whaaaaaat? Say it isn't so!! Snow??? eek, I don't know about that! I am still missing summer. Why oh why does summer leave me each year?

  6. I wonder if Misty plans on getting MyLady snowshoes for Christmas so they can go for walks ?!? ;P

    Pretty Bella!

  7. Snow! You can keep it. It is in the hugh 70's, low 80's here in Southern California.

  8. GreyHorse..I agree! We have been lucky this fall though. And this weekend is in the 70s. Crazy fall weather.

    Dreaming, Tucker is going to have a blast this winter!

    Jan, yes, its coming and I'm not ready.

    juliette, that's funny. Sunny and warming up in the land of OnceUpon today. I'm hoping to get out for a ride.

    feralwoman, I would love a pair of snowshoes! Maybe I will ask Santa for some this year.

    baystatebrumby, summer is one of those visitors who never over-stays her welcome.

    MrsRemodel, but I'm planning to ship you some this winter. I don't want to hog it all for myself. :-)

  9. Oh my goodness! I wasn't prepared to see that white stuff!
    We usually have had a couple snowfalls by now and we've not had any, which is very odd. We live at 7,000ft above sea level, but our temps have been much warmer this year and we've yet to have a hard frost. Yesterday it was in the low 70's even!
    I hope this is a sign of a mild winter to come, and I just to get enjoy all the snow on other blogger's blogs. hehe!

    Misty is lovely in the snow. And I don't think there is anything more joyful that dogs playing in the white stuff.