Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello Everyone.  I'm sitting in the waiting room at the equine clinic where Misty will have her tooth repulsion done soon.  Just waiting for my local vet to arrive and for the dentist to finish up an extraction.

It's nice that they have an Internet station in the waiting room.

We were warmly greeted and Misty was shown to a holding pen and promptly served some grass hay to munch on.  She's a happy girl.  Ignorance is bliss.

There is a 1 in 5 chance Misty may have to stay the night, but most horses go home the same day.  I'll post the results of her procedure when I can.


  1. Sending both of you best wishes for a successful extraction and easy recovery.

  2. Give Misty a hug from me and tell her it will all be okay and she'll feel so much better soon. Good luck to you both.

  3. Good luck, Misty, from Solo!!!

  4. Waiting is nerve-wracking. Best of luck.

  5. Best of luck to you Once Upon, and Misty, the horse of course!

  6. You are right about the pleasant atmosphere at the clinic. I had a chance to go there when I transported a friend's horse. I was very impressed with the set-up.

    I drove by your place yesterday and didn't see the trailer... so I'm thinking you were on your way home with her.

    I hope it all went well. Poor Misty. Poor Once Upon!

    Awww... my word verification is MISTR - so, it got the last letter wrong!

  7. I hope it went well! Let us know.

  8. I hope the surgery went well. Please let us know when you have the chance.

    In regards to your question on my blog, some people use only a click with no treats after a while, but I always give a treat after a click. The click is just a marker signal that says, yes that right there is what I want and the treat is the reward or paycheck. Some people say that after a while the click becomes a reward because of the association with a treat but to me that would be like getting the envelope my paycheck comes in and not getting my paycheck! Of course once the behavior is learned you can slowly phase out the click/treat and don't have to use it anymore. You can reward (without the click) every once in a while to refresh a behavior, but it's not necessary.