Sunday, August 21, 2011

Horseless at Home

There are no horses in the Land of Once Upon.

Misty and SaraJane have both gone away to sleep-away school.

Misty left a couple of weeks ago and our foster filly, SaraJane, left Friday afternoon.

The horse rescue that owns SaraJane received a training grant and with Misty away at school, this was a perfect time for SaraJane to get some training and become more adoptable.  I had hoped to be home from work in time to say good-bye to SaraJane before the rescue picked her up, but I was too late.

When I arrived home, no horse greeted me.

The barn felt empty and lonely.

I got teary-eyed.  

I miss them.

Fortunately it is just temporary.  And as much as I enjoy my daily barn chores, I'm not shedding too many tears over a brief furlough from manure scooping.  

It's all good.

Misty is doing well with her training.  She's a novelty at the stable where most of the horses are long-legged, fancy, shmancy hunter/jumpers.  So she gets a lot of attention.

The rescue owners notified me that SaraJane loaded easily into their trailer and has settled in well at her boarding school.  She's such a sweet-natured filly.


  1. that would be sad. I hope your barn isn't quiet for too much longer.

  2. A little while without a pitchfork in hand isn't so bad but I do hope they come home soon. It's lonely without our friends.

  3. Oh my! That would be strange, but enjoy the break.

  4. I would definitely have issues with an full barn one day, and coming home to an empty one, no matter if it was planned.

    I hope they come home soon!

    I experience the same thing when I take Rosie places. The show I did was 95% thoroughbred and warmbloods. Rosie was the only FULL draft there.

  5. Oh, I understand that emptiness. It's so hard when they are away. Today we were at the old barn and it just seemed so empty without the boys around. Even though I knew they were at my new home, I felt blue without them there, where I was used to having them around.
    Soon, Misty will be back - and those barn chores will be part of your routine again!

  6. Is SaraJane coming back too?

  7. SaraJane might come back. She is very welcome here. I would prefer to buy an older, well-educated horse that I can get fully attached to and not have to say goodbye to, but I've had nothing but disappointing horse shopping experiences. So I will likely be fostering SaraJane or another rescue horse.

  8. It is sad when our horses are away. Glad to hear Misty is doing well. Enjoy the break from chores, the time will pass quickly.

    SaraJane seems like a sweet girl, that has found herself with some kind friends. So nice of you to foster her.