Monday, January 23, 2012

Misty's Monday Muse - Cow Pony?

The cow pony Percheron! 

MyLady took me to cattle sorting again.  It was our 2nd time.  We're not very spry and agile, so the heifers slip by us easily.  But we had a little success and a lot of fun.  And it's a great confidence builder.

After sorting, I participated in my favorite event of the day - the resting event.  When it comes to resting, I can't be beat.  It's all about how to prop your toe and cock your hip.  I'm very good at it because I have ample hip to cock and I practice a lot.  But you can see I had some stiff competition.

The Resting Competition
I don't know who that little sorrel horse is on my left.  But it's a good thing we are both peace-loving equines since we are resting "cheek to cheek."  The cutie on my right with the knee-hi white stockings is my friend Cheyenne.  He is a Spotted Saddle Horse.  He was my sorting partner.   This was our 3rd date.  We've gone out on two trail rides before and hit it off right away.  Cheyenne has a lady friend at home, but when he's out with me, he can't keep his eyes off me.  He looks longingly for me when his owner rides him away from me and he nickers sweetly to me when they return.  Cheyenne loves me.

Wanna know what Cheyenne is whispering to that gelding on his right?  He's saying,  "Hey buddy, you see that big beautiful mare to my left?  She's with me.  Eat your heart out."  Or maybe he's saying, "Hey Dude, I'm out with my girl and I just pooped.  Is it hidden by my tail alright?"

Cattle sorting.  It's not just for Quarter Horses anymore,


  1. Kate and I did cattle sorting one time a while back. She was all skeered of those smelly beasties! Ya dun good, Misty. But fer sure you wowed 'em at the resting competition!

  2. Oh, Misty, you are so adorable. It is no wonder Cheyenne loves you! Who wouldn't? I think the resting competition is the most important of all so you are the very best horse around! Your lady already knew that though!

  3. You rock Misty! Not everyone can look so good with a hip cocked in the resting competition. No wonder Cheyenne is in love with you. You're a big gorgeous gal. Tell your lady that as long as it was fun for her it was fun for you too.

  4. Hey, wait a minute... what about us, Doc & Pippin?! We're more your style, ya know... with the ample hips and all! That Cheyenne is a handsome guy, but he has his limitations! I mean, he can't make your heart pound with the thunder of his hooves like we can!
    I'm glad you got to do the sorting. We're jealous. We'd like to play with cows, too.
    Hey, Doc, speak for yourself. I don't particularly care for cows!
    Oh Pippin, you are such a pipsqueak!

  5. Misty, This is so funny! I didn't even know there was a resting competition! But you are great at it! You get blue ribbons in that class! Loved your story.

  6. You look great, Misty! My boys want to sign up for the resting part.

  7. I have never tried it but it sure looks like fun!

  8. I just love your blog! So fun to read, and I'm so glad you got back into horses!! They are one of the best parts of life, aren't they?!