Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sick and Tired

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Ever felt that way?

I haven't had the energy to blog, as I've been suffering from a terrible cough that has deprived me of sleep for 5 weeks.

I think I'm getting better after 3 trips to the doctor, chest Xray, oral steroids, and inhaled steroids (none of which worked). I'm being treated for allergies now, which may very well be the culprit. I started allergy meds yesterday and today I can go a whole 5 minutes without coughing, which is a HUGE improvement. I'm hoping to get a couple good nights sleep and have energy for the weekend because I have big plans.

Misty, Marley and I will be road tripping to attend a horsemanship clinic this weekend. I'm planning to ride Misty in the clinic. Marley is coming along as her travel companion and roommate.

Truck and trailer have been checked and are road ready. This will be our biggest adventure yet. Hopefully I will regain my strength by the weekend if the allergy meds continue to help and I get some much needed sleep.

Enjoy your equine friends and Misty, Marley and I will catch up on our posting next week.


  1. Oh, that doesn’t sound good.
    I cross my fingers and hope that the medicine works, Once Upon!
    One of my best friends has had same kind of trouble as you this summer. It turned out to be whooping cough. Even if we are vaccinated as children we can get it, it seems. Have you been tested for this?
    I hope that you get a quick recovery, so you can enjoy the weekend without too much coughing. It sounds like great fun!
    Have a nice trip!

  2. Good luck with feeling better - there's nothing worse than a prolonged illness and constant coughing is exhausting.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. My doctor is vaccinating us all for whooping cough because it seems it's making a comeback.
    Coughing continually really does stink, hope the meds help stop it.

  4. Thanks all. Gosh, hope not whooping cough. They didn't even consider that. Zyrtec seems to be helping and I slept last night. A couple more things to pack into the trailer tack room. Whew..lots of stuff; I'm trying to be prepared. Taking extra water in case Misty won't drink at our location. She's a princess when it comes to her water.

  5. So sorry you have been feeling under the weather. There must be something really nasty blowing around out there because usually nothing bothers me and even I have been sneezing and slightly stuffy. Have fun at your horsemanship clinic! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

  6. How are you, Once Upon?
    Did you manage to get away for the weekend?

  7. I missed this post - I hope your clinic went well!!

    I completely empathize with you being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Maizie and I are getting sleep (thankfully) but we still wake each morning with remnants of the cough. In public, I still sometimes get a coughing fit until I almost vomit. I have been calling this "the modern Plague" of 2009. The Black Plague of 1347 may have had icky growths, but this one is so debilitating. Ours started in May and we could not sleep until the end of June! Good luck with yours. By the way, my mom said that with the old whooping cough, they used to say that it took 18 weeks to get over it!!! I really think that is what we had.

  8. Hi! You asked about boots.....well, I'm probably not quite the fashionista that I think am, LOL, but cowboy boots are HOT right now in my area, and not necessarily worn by only by cowgirls. Even trendy ubanites are wearing them with jeans and skirts! And vintage cowboy boots are the rage! I've been able to find a few pairs at flea markets. As far as a style, I think if she's not a cowgirl or doesn't ride, just wants cute boots to wear with a skirt or jeans, stick with a classic western boot with a mid-size heel and a pointy toe. A basic brown or black, with some tooling or inlay is always nice. I think for riding, square toes are pretty hot right now, but not so much if you are just wearing cowboy boots to be fashionable. Hope that helps, email me if you have more questions!
    Hope you are feeling better soon and that your new meds help! ;)