Sunday, April 18, 2010

Misty's Monday Muse: Scared!

My name is Misty and I'm scared of my rolling box.

Recently, I've been expressing a fear of my trailer. I've never been very comfortable in it, but I'm an amiable girl and try to do what is asked of me. But in the last couple of weeks, I've become very disagreeable and my naughty behavior has escalated on a daily basis.

MyLady says it is her fault and she feels very badly. Despite the dilemma of her cockeyed Work-Life-Horse Balance, she has been trying very hard to work consistently with Marley & Me and has been hauling us to places that have round pens and arenas to work in. I've had to travel in my rolling box a lot lately and my anxiety is growing.

I've become very fussy about getting in my box; and last week I started running away from MyLady as soon as I see her with a halter in her hand. I just want to be left alone!

I've never really had the chance to make friends with my trailer. It hasn't been mean to me, but when I step into it, the doors shut, it gets dark, the world disappears, and I feel very uneasy. I'm always so glad when the world reappears and I can get out of that box.

On Saturday, I had a lesson to properly introduce me to my trailer. I had to trot a lot until I figured out that the trailer was a place where I could rest. I was given lots of chances to snoop around in the box and play with it, but was allowed to leave when I felt uncomfortable. TrainerLady said I needed to use my natural curiosity, but fear and curiosity cannot co-exist in my equine mind, so I was allowed to approach and retreat as needed. It was a long lesson. After 3 hours, I was finally comfortable enough to walk all the way into my box and relax in there and have a snack.

Then yesterday I found the rolling box just sitting at the top of my dry lot with its big, gaping mouth wide open. Inside was my lunch. That was really weird.

I stayed away, but every now and then I stole a glance. Then I saw MyLady sitting in it, playing with my food tub. I decided to check it out before she ate all my food.

Hey, save some of that for me.

I hung around for a little bit, then I turned and galloped to the other end of my lot. This back-and-forth went on for awhile until I finally got curious (and hungry enough) to start investigating further.

Nibbling outside the box.

Nibbling inside the box.

Getting braver.

Oh oh! What's that I hear?


Gotta run!

The next-door predators scared me with their yapping.

Just look how scary they are!

Wouldn't you run too?

Finally, I calmed down and went back to my box and got most of my body in. That's all I could do yesterday. I suspect I'll be dining in the box again.



What a show-off.

One day at a time,


  1. Misty, I'm with you. That big, scary, noisy box scares the you-know-what out of me....literally! I had a lot of dinners in the box last year. You should see just how far I can get my head into the box by putting my front and hind feet together and stretching my neck as faaarrrr as I can. I'm pretty good at snagging the feed tub and pulling it towards me!
    I hate to admit that I've given in to wasn't worth the effort to fight. Now my Mrs. Owner is really proud of how I load.
    Good luck. It really isn't that bad, Misty, and just think of all of the fun places you can go!

  2. Misty- I am like Marley and don't see what all the fuss is about! Now don't get me wrong I Am not going to put in the extra effort to get in to the box unless there is something in it for me! Make sure they pay you in treats or some other goody. Other wise I don't see why it is even worth it!
    Good luck,

  3. Oh, Misty, once you figure out that good stuff is in the box and the box can take you to exciting new places you will leap onto it with eagerness!

    I love the box, I love the places it takes me, I hope you learn to love it too. Soon!

    One step at a time,

  4. Just goes to show there ain't much that gets between a Fjord and food!!!

  5. Marley is a riot and a show off too! Poor Misty, it's understandable that you might be a little cautious about your trailer. But your lady would never do anything to hurt you. I'm sure you'll love it more and more as you get to eat your food in there. What could be better than that.

  6. Ah yes, the siren call of lunch (or dinner), you can pretty much learn to deal with anything if you have good snacks!

  7. Funny how the proper introduction can change one's perspective. LOL

  8. Oh Misty - the rolling box has its challenges for us too. Once we are in we want to get out pretty immediately. Not real sure why we have to get into the darned thing anyway.

    Last time we got tricked by our lady. We missed breakfast, had to do ground work and our lady was very relentless and demanded perfection and attention. Then WHAM we were in the box! No idea how we ended up in there either but our lady immediately gave us our breakfast. So we decided it couldn't be that bad.

    You'll be ok!
    Bonnie and Rosie

  9. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I got in my box this morning. I went right in, but was still a little anxious and kept looking over my shoulder. Marley came in too, so that made it better. It's always nicer to travel with a friend.

    But I still ran away from MyLady when she came into the paddock to halter me. Round and round I went....can't catch me! Well, finally she did, but I gave her quite a challenge. And I've really got her feeling awful about it. I think maybe Marley isn't the only ornery equine living here...Misty.

  10. You are a brave girl, Misty.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. It really isn't that bad, Misty, and just think of all of the fun places you can go!
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