Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Life Gives You Rubbish

Today is trash collection day and it is very windy.

Our neighbors didn't consider the wind when they set cardboard boxes out with their trash this morning; empty boxes except for some packing paper inside.

The boxes, of course, blew onto our property and I retrieved several long strips of packing paper from our horse pasture.

The neighbors have driven by several times and surely they have seen how their boxes have gone astray, but they've done nothing to retrieve them.

Apparently they believe that once their garbage has blown off their property, it becomes the refuse of another.

I could be annoyed at my neighbors...or I could turn their trash into something useful.

Perhaps I could use it to frighten desensitize my horses.

I tied several of the long strips of packing paper around the corral panels.

They crackled and flapped in the wind like spooky hellions (mischievous snickering ensues).

When life gives you rubbish, turn it into a training tool.


  1. Tried doing that with those white Wal-mart bags....Willow tried to literally climb up the side of her stall. I was not sure if I should laugh or be horrified!!!! Spin tried to stick his nose in 'cause it may contain something good to eat.

  2. I have started doing that too. I tied plastic bags to the posts and I have started giving them empty feed bags if they don't have the plastic liner. Then someone picks it up and plays with in and Kinsey learns that is not as scary as she first though.

  3. Good thinking! The middle photo of Misty is adorable and is aligned perfectly with the "Link with this Button" drawing and her mane is flowing just like the drawing!
    We have a trash problem with our neighbors (an auto auction) too. Our pastures are littered. Ugh!

  4. Oh, how great. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they saw their garbage artfully displayed. I need to remember to take advantage of things like that to present 'lessons' to the boys.

    Beth, I tied garbage bags to the paddock railing, too. My husband thought I had gone bonkers!

    Juliette, you are right about the picture of Misty. She does look just like the Once Upon logo!

  5. I admire your attitude! I picked up newspaper all over my newly seeded lawn before work this morning. Maybe if I had horses in the yard I'd be more positive about it, lol.

  6. What a difference time makes when desensitizing, and all that accomplished with some re-purposed rubbish. Love it!

  7. Perfect! When live throws you a curve ball not only do you take it in stride but use it as a learning experience for your horses. Positive thinking for the win.

  8. phaedra96, they sure are individuals aren't they?

    Thanks Beth and GunDiva. It's fun to watch them going from scared to curious.

    Linda, oh yeah, a giant piece of plastic would be a great boogey man. With all the wind we have here, maybe one will blow through one of these days.

    juliette, Dreaming, I hadn't noticed the similarity between Misty's pic and the button. Ahhhh. Now only if she would dapple like the button. Dreaming...just watch out for dirty diapers. I think there might be one in my pasture; I'm not gonna take advantage of that one.

    RuckusButt, it is annoying. I'm working from home today and just saw another neighbor put trash out, including a box and loose garbage piled in a rubbish bin with no lid on it. That's just plain inconsiderate. I suppose I'll find more debris on our property today.

    aurora, you are so right. I need to do more of this. I think I'll look for some inexpensive garden decorations (like pin wheels and hanging things that spin and move) to place around the barn.

    Thanks Golden. I've even been using the flattened boxes in the barn too...dragging them around and making noise with them. Misty is particularly sensitive to strange noises. I'm supposed to take an object to a despooking clinic and I may take my newly acquired packing paper.

  9. Ha! Love it. Now if we can just figure out what the heck makes blue plastic tarps so scary.

  10. What a good idea! Of course now they will never get their paper back. :)

  11. Such a good idea!
    How is Misty's loading training going?