Monday, May 28, 2012

Misty's Monday Muse - Trail Ride

I took MyLady for a ride today.

We rode with my handsome gelding friends:
A Foxtrotter and Spotted Saddle Horse.

I walked through a forest of pine trees.
 I walked over lots of logs.
I took a big drink of water when I got home.

Then I enjoyed a roll in the soft dirt
while Mr. Once Upon cleaned my rolling box.
Thank you Mr. Once Upon!

It was a good day and
I was a very good girl.

Happy Trails,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 10 - MIA

This week's blog hop instructions are to write anything we want as long as we begin with: I really hate it when..... 

I really hate it when.....I see law enforcement on the road while I'm driving.

My heart races and I become awash in guilt, even though I'm doing nothing wrong.

I went 30 years without a speeding ticket. Then in about 18 months I received three.  What the heck!? I'm not a malicious speeder; I just wasn't paying attention and wandered into some notorious speed traps.  The local sheriff and small town police know just the right spots to lay in wait to fatten their county and city coffers.  Rural, hilly roads and highways are a favorite.

So now I am super-duper careful about watching my speed.  I don't want to fudge by even 5 miles over the limit because I'm afraid of another ticket and  I hate getting into trouble.  By golly, I'm a good citizen!  I try to keep my speed right smack on the limit now.  It is annoying because I feel like I'm watching my speedometer more than I'm watching the road.  Drivers behind me get impatient, but I figure they will just have to relax and enjoy the drive, or pass me.  I am frequently passed (even on double yellow lines) and it is not unusual for someone to ride up onto my tail at night and turn their high beams on because they are mad that I am going  the speed limit.  Everyone is in such a hurry. Don't these people ever get speeding tickets?  I feel like putting a sign in my rear window that says, "Too many tickets - back off or pass me."

A couple weeks ago as I was driving home on a rural highway, after visiting Misty at her training stable, I had my cruise control set on the speed limit.  I had 5 cars stacked up on my rear bumper, annoyed that I was slowing their progress.  One of those drivers got lucky that day because of me.  We crested a rise in the road and as we all started down, (with me braking to stay at the is so irritating to have to brake all the time on these hilly roads), we passed an unmarked highway patrolman sitting on the side of the road, trolling for speeders.  I wish I could have said "See, I told ya so" to the guy riding my tail.

Yesterday I was traveling on a road with two lanes in each direction. I was in the far right lane when I noticed 3 motorcycle cops working a sting operation.  I immediately felt dread and terror...and guilt.  I glanced down at the speedometer and was relieved to see I was right on the limit, but still afraid of being pulled over because now I'm just paranoid.   Another motorist had just passed me in the left lane, oblivious of the trap, and one of the cops zipped out from the side street and pulled him over.  I smiled.  Not because the poor sucker in front of me just got nabbed.  I smiled because those 3 motorcycle cops lurking on that side street reminded me of this:

My question for you:
When horseback riding, what is your favorite gait?  (Do you have a need for speed?)
Cruise on over to the hop.
(But don't speed.)