Wednesday, December 19, 2012



My goodness, that was a long blogger nap!

Misty and I are still here, but we've had some changes. 

Sweet SaraJane returned to her horse rescue.
She has started her training to become more adoptable.
We miss her and hope she finds a wonderful forever home.

Misty has two new sisters:
a mini mare,
 and her adorable (and slightly ornery) daughter:
 a mini molly mule.
They are permanent members of our family.
We love them!

Our little herd is quite odd looking, but the trio gets along well. 
Misty is a gentle and amiable big sister.

Lyra, Lola, and Misty
Lola: "Blizzard? What blizzard?  It was just a little snow falling sideways."
December 19th
Season's Greetings
from our herd to yours.