Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 8: Cheeky

 1. Describe how a horse you have known is sometimes a 'cheeky monkey'. What does he/she do that is a bit naughty?  
Misty is my cheeky monkey.  Or  lippy monkey may be more appropriate.  She has very busy lips.  They are always searching for something to play with and it is often the tail of my shirt, or the zipper pull on my jacket, or the buttons on my shirt, or the rubber strips around the outside of the horse trailer windows, or the toe of my boot when I'm in the saddle and ask her to flex her neck.  Those lips are always lookin' for mischief. 

2. What is your favorite thing about spring? (Hmmm... I'm thinking there won't be too many people who say 'shedding horses'!)
It sure isn't the snow that is falling today (or blowing horizontally as the case may be).  I find "springtime in the Rockies" to be frustrating when we get teased by a few 70F degree days, followed by a blizzard.  But I do like the moisture we receive because I like the greening of the fields in springtime.

3. What care do you provide for feet? Horse or human! Do you have a special product that you have discovered and just can't do without?
I like to keep my horses barefoot.  I think that's one of the healthiest things for their hooves.  Myself, I hate to go barefoot.  I like to wear sandals though, and if I have the money and the time (both of which are in short supply with horses to care for),  I like going to the spa for pedicures.  

My question for you: Coke or Pepsi?   (Or neither, cuz nothin' beats a tall glass of water.)

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

National Weather Service
We had our first spring thunderstorm pass over our house Tuesday evening.  The thunder boomed and lightning struck repeatedly.   I was startled by a lightning strike that hit extremely close to our house.  It sent me to the windows to look outside for damage.  The barn was ok, but I couldn't tell if  SaraJane was in the barn or out in the dry lot.  Misty is away for training and SaraJane is home alone.  I went to another window  to look for her.  There she was, standing in the rain with her head down in that typical equine-enduring-the-storm stance.   She was standing on a high spot in our dry lot between our house and our next-door neighbor's house.  The picture below is from last year, but this is the spot where she was standing and you can see how close the neighboring house is behind her.

I was worried about Miss SaraJane, standing out in this thunderstorm.  I could lure her into the barn easily with food, but I was afraid to go outside since that last strike was so close.   As I was standing at the window, watching SaraJane and fretting for her safety, I saw lightning strike behind her.  I heard a loud "POP!" and saw the flash.  It was so close that SaraJane reacted as if someone had goosed her in the fanny.    She jumped forward a few feet, trotted a few yards away and began sniffing the ground.  I wondered if she might have felt a tingle from the lightning.

That was a close call, as the lightning struck the house right behind SaraJane.

My neighbor was at her kitchen window when it hit and she saw concrete shingles fly from her roof.  It also took out their well pump, so they've been without water until a new pump is installed today.

It was crazy to actually see a lightning strike that close up.  I'm sure glad it spared SaraJane and that my neighbors are alright. 

Have you ever had a close encounter with lightning? Do you take extra precautions to protect your horses?

June 24-30, 2012 is Lightning Safety Week.  Be informed and be cautious during thunderstorms.  Visit  for information.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 6: Tricky

  1. My horse does this silly thing....

    After Misty empties her bladder, she remains standing in her potty position, with legs splayed, for quite a long time.  She's either contemplating the meaning of life...or air drying.  I tried to get a picture the last few days, but my timing was always off.  One opportunity sent me rushing to grab my camera in the barn and my quick movement startled Misty and the poor girl took flight in mid stream.  Sorry Misty.
  2. What trick(s) have you taught your horse, dog, cat, husband, or kids?

    How about a bird?  I've taught a Cockatiel and an African Grey parrot to poop on command.  I'd hold them over a paper towel and say "Go potty."  That way I could time the event and avoid unsightly surprises on my clothing and carpet.  Eventually the African Grey started giving me advance warning when she would say the magic words,  "Go potty."  I'd have a few seconds to position her over a towel before "bombs away".

  3. What was the last movie you watched?

    Our satellite service is having a free movie channel preview.  I had Thursday afternoon off of work so I watched The Social Network.  It was alright.  The last movie I saw in a theater was War Horse.  It was excellent! 

My question for you:
Do you prefer to ride: a) English b) Western c) Bareback d) All of the above?

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