Thursday, March 24, 2011

Misty on the Mend

Misty's bump was diagnosed on Monday.  She had a slab fracture of tooth #207 on her upper left jaw. Fortunately there was no abscess. The bump was inflammation caused by a HUGE ulcer where the broken slab of tooth was digging into the side of her mouth.  Poor girl must have been in a lot of discomfort, but she never showed how much.

Misty had two vets working on her and it took them about one and a half hours to remove the slab. They took turns wiggling the slab loose until they could fit their big tooth-puller around it. Then it was quick business to pull it out.  She has about two thirds of the tooth left. Misty was a good patient, albeit stoned out of her mind.  They had to give her a couple extra shots of sedative to get that big mouth of hers to be still.  Even with her head drooping almost to the floor and her legs splayed to keep her balance, her mouth remained very busy. She managed to wriggle out of the speculum twice while they were examining her.  Good thing vets can pull their hands out of a horse's mouth with lightening speed.  But the third shot was a charm and her busy lips finally succumbed to the sedative.

Wow, it was a stinky job with a very strong odor of putrid hay and dental decay.

Misty is home while she heals and receives antibiotics.  The inflammation is going down slowly.  Hopefully she'll be ready to resume her training sometime next week when the swelling is completely gone.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Uh Oh. A Bump!

It's day four of Misty's training.  She's been ridden the last three days and the reports have been positive. But we're on hold now, due to a mysterious bump that popped up overnight on her left jaw.

The folks at the stable looked at the bump.  They peeked inside Misty's mouth and saw some hay stuck inside near the bump. The trainer called me and recommended my vet take a look-see.  Misty is eating well, but does appear to be dropping a little bit of hay from the left side of her mouth as she chews.

The bump is very hard and about the size of a large egg.  Misty is uncomfortable when it is touched.

Of course, this bump-thing chose to make its debut on a Friday and I can't get Misty into the vet until Monday. I sure hope it is not an abscessed tooth.

We will find out on Monday. 

Bump - front view.
Bump - back view.
Not the face of a happy girl.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hoof Shoes: On Your Mark. Get Set. GO!

Ok Ladies (and men?),

Let's race out and be the first on our blocks to sport this new fashion in footwear.

Or not.

Read more about it:
Horse foot shoes on sale at Cheltenham Festival

I dare you:  Do a Google search on "hoof shoe" images for even more bizarre possibilities.

Misty's Monday Muse - Boys!

Guess what they have at my sleep-away school?


My next-door neighbor is a boy.

He reminds me of someone.

I think I'll call him Wilson.

 I love boys,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Misty's Monday Muse - Sleepaway School

I'm packing up my jammies and carrots and getting ready to go to sleep-away school. 

I will be taking lessons to become a more refined lady.  I'm practicing already.

"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."

I'll also be learning to be a confident trail horse.  Here are some of the lessons I may be challenged with:

Wish me luck,