Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let Sleeping Horses Lie

I just went outside to get Misty and practice loading her into the trailer. She's still green at loading and hasn't been in a trailer for 8 months. But I'll have to wait because I just can't disturb this scene.

I love Fjord manes. Marley is a red dun, so his dorsal stripe is light in color.


  1. Hi there! You have a nice blog, and also a Fjord in it - even better! Send greetings from Norway to Marley, please.
    I agree completely on your advice re. the pony purchase tips, by the way. Gonna drop by, see you!

  2. HorseOfCourse, Thank you for visiting. I'm thrilled you dropped in all the way from Norway!

  3. How wonderful to start up with horses again after such a long time. How come? And how come you ended up with a Fjord?

  4. Good questions. I'll be posting more about how I got back into this craziness and posting about some other special horses. I was getting ready to bring Misty home and needed a companion for her. I like drafts and unique breeds and next think I knew I was shopping for a Fjord. I'll be dropping by your blog soon too.