Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Your Horse Pampered?

My friend who lives in another state mailed an advertisement to me that she clipped out of a local newspaper. I've never seen an ad quite like this one. There must be a large market of horse lovin' women in her town.

Speaking for myself, since returning to horse ownership:

1. I don't have the time to pamper myself. (Too busy feeding, fussing, and shoveling manure.)
2. I don't have as much cash for pampering myself as I did B.H. (Before Horses)
3. I get more joy out of pampering my horses than myself.

For years, I had lovely acrylic nails. They were the first thing to go when horses came to live with me. I don't miss the nails at all. In fact, they were kind of a nuisance. I look back now and wonder where I found the time to sit for an hour every 2 to 3 weeks to have my nails done. I'd rather be at the barn.

There are a couple of pampering activities I still enjoy, but not nearly as often as B.H. Occasionally I will treat myself to a pedicure or a facial, but that's about it.

Nowadays, the horses come first and personal pampering is a hot shower to wash the barn smell out of my hair.

Maybe it is time I made an appointment for a facial.

So who gets pampered the most in your household? You or your horse?


  1. Silly question for me, with 7 horses to take care of I am officially a walking wreck.

  2. No - no time or money with a horse in your life :-)

  3. Oh I love your blog, Once Upon!
    Yes, my horse is pampered. Myself most certainly not!

    Every summer we put the horses on pasture and take a break from the training, both the four-legged ones and the two-legged ones.
    And suddenly I discover a new world!
    I understand how other people can keep their houses clean and tidy. How they get time to worry about their looks, or paint their nails, or get a haircut in time.
    I am so very grateful that I am working with a bunch of male technicians, where the dress code is casual, to put it mildly LOL!
    And I do believe I am a better person because of horses in my life. There is not much time to get too self-centered. Stressed, absolutely - but happy too!

  4. I was once stopped by a salesman in a mall because he wanted to sell me some products for my nails. I just laughed at him and said, "I work with horses. My nails don't last a day. They are all broken down to the skin."

    Of course, he argued that I definitely needed his products then. I told him I'd rather save the money for hay.

  5. It's unanimous...we all need a spa day!

    GreyHorse..7 horses! Yep, you are a full time equine caregiver.

    NightOwl, same here, time and money go fast with horses.

    Horse, interesting that you take your break in summer. Opposite here, we tend to hibernate in the winter and summer is our time to be out with the horses. I find I don't care as much about how I look when I go to the office. When you arrive with hay stuck to your clothing, what does make-up and hairstyle matter?

    NuzMuz, oh too can have beautiful nails and horses too. All in the sales pitch. Now...if he were selling a wonder hoof care solution, you might have paused to check it out.

    I wouldn't trade the horses away for any of the other stuff. But once in awhile, sneak in some time to treat yourself. I'm getting a haircut and a facial next week.

  6. Definitely the horse of course!! I stopped buying make-up years ago but happily spend money on lotions and potions for Major.

  7. I hope you don't mind that I am borrowing your "B.H." idea. That is soooo accurate. How life has changed now and how much I used to do B.H.! I love this post!