Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blustery Blizzard

We've experienced a strong preview of winter weather the past two days, with today being the worst.

I chose to work from home this morning. Getting my car out of the garage would have been a challenge.

The wind was howling as the snow flew, swirled, and drifted. It was blowing into the stalls, so I closed the dutch doors and kept Misty and Marley inside today, entertained with a couple small snacks of grass hay.

"Marley, here comes our waitress."

"It's about time. Any longer and I might have lost a pound."

The wind and snow finally began to lighten, so I opened the doors to give the horses a chance to stretch their legs before dinner.

"Marley, are you under there?"

M & M are still dieting, but receiving warm, soaked & soggy beet pulp shreds with salt as their pre-dinner appetizer. I want to encourage water intake during these crazy days of fluctuating temperatures.

We're looking forward to better weather tomorrow and a nice Fall weekend.


  1. OMG! You are seriously making me happy I live in Canada...I won't see any serious snow like that for almost 2 months. Will that snow stay awhile or melt pretty quick?

    As beautiful as Colorago is, it's weather seems nutso ;)

  2. Oh my dear god. I think I would lay down and wail in dispair if that happened, snow and I do NOT get along. The pic of Misty pawing it is so cute though!

  3. Yikes! That is alot of snow this early in the season! Hope it melts soon...!

  4. You crack me up - thanks for the much needed grin, during this not so fun work day. Your last photo caption made me laugh out loud.

    Sorry about the snow...our day is coming sooner than I care to think about. On the bright side, fresh snow is pretty and fun to play in!

  5. Oh My Gosh ! I'll stop complaining about rain... Promise!

  6. RB..."Nutso" is right!

    eventer79, she's an optimist, always thinks there is food under the snow.

    Laura, blue skies and relatively warm today. But the drifts aren't melting at all. Will take a few days.

    aurora, glad you laughed. The trees sure look beautiful after a storm.

  7. Wow, that stinks that it's snowing so soon. The pictures are pretty but I know that snow is cold. Hope you have a warm weekend.

  8. Um, I meant Colorado...typing too quickly.

    On the plus side, maybe the snow will help with the dieting :)

  9. As always, your photos and captions are amzzing and hilarious! Your post brightened my day, although, I am sure your snow was a ton of work for you. I hope your weekend is more Fall-like!

  10. Oh goodness! Is that usual for where you live at the end of October? How long will it last till Spring? I moan if we get snow for more than a few weeks each winter!

  11. Grey Horse, oh yes, it was bitterly cold and hurt my face when I walked to the barn. But this is Colorado and today is lovely.

    RuckusButt, hopefully, if their over protective owner doesn't give them too many snack to fend off the cold. :-)

    Thanks Juliette! Yes, we are fortunately having a nice weekend.

    jc, Anything goes, weatherwise in Colorado, but yes, this is unusual. We've had 2 or 3 snowstorms and a blizzard since September and we usually don't see really cold weather or snow until today, Halloween.