Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fjords Conquer the West at NWSS

My husband and I attended "An Evening of Dancing Horses" at the National Western Stock Show last week. We had a great time and I was very pleased to discover what a husband friendly event it was. The Denver Brass was great and my husband spent as much time watching them play as he watched the horses & riders perform (he used to be a flautist). We enjoyed the music very much.

The Fjords were adorable, of course, and I particularly like the fact that some of the Fjord riders are teenagers. What a great experience for young equestrians and a tribute to the versatility and family friendly nature of the Norwegian Fjord. Here is their performance provided by Starfire Farm.


  1. I have decided it is impossible NOT to love a Fjord. Case closed.

  2. Tee hee, the are very lovable eventer79. Like a teddy bear. The lovability factor has been Marley's saving grace.

  3. You know I am sitting watching this from a hotel room in Ă…lesund on the west coast of Norway, the very home of the Fjord horses.

    And my eyes go all moist seeing all those yellow fur dots on the other side of the world.

    Now give Marley an extra carrot from me tonight, please?
    And whenever you see a Fjord over there, give him a pat from Norway.

  4. I bet that was an awesome show, live music wow! Nice dressage moves. Fjords showing their steady royal cuteness, what's not to love.

  5. I just received my Fjord Herald. They have an article about Wez, the Dancing Fjords and, so sad, the passing of Gjest. He was a very nice horse and a nice stallion. You should show Marley what he can do if he minds his lessons!!!

  6. Another adorable fjord video. Really can you think we can watch anymore without wishing and dreaming of the day when we own our very own?!? Marley and his dancing friends corner the cute market. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. HofC, I gave Marley his carrots and he was very appreciative.
    Aurora, the live music really adds to the show.
    phaedra96, I hope I get a Fjord Herald. I renewed recently. I should pin up some Fjord posters in Marley's stall to encourage him, but I'm afraid he would eat them.
    juliette, I'm sure there is a Fjord out there just waiting for the day he or she can join your farm. :-)

  8. Oh, Once Upon...I hope you are right. I look forward to your email! I am smitten with with Fjords. I worry about our hot Pennsylvania summers though - not much like Colorado or Norway! I don't want the little yellow fellow to suffer from the heat.