Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haflingers at Play

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. In between snow storms the temperature rose to above 40F (4C). Misty & Marley were kicking up their heals and racing playfully, as their equine friends did the same.

These two Haflinger geldings, Pippin and Meriadoc, were caught at just the right moment by their owner yesterday, as they frolicked in their pasture.

Looking forward to the playful days of Spring.


  1. Great picture!!! Spring is in the air... somewhere between snow squalls.

  2. I love Haflingers! Look at how adorable they are playing. By the way, did you send me the haflinger link you mention - I never received it!
    More snow for us too, just when I thought it was spring. Will it ever end?

  3. And their names suit them too!
    Lovely photo.

  4. got it!

    JeniQ...let's hope for more Spring & less snow squalls soon.

    Golden Pony...hobbits in name only. Their names come from Lord of the Rings...two "hafling" characters in the book are named Pippin and Meriadoc (call Merry in the movie, I think). And yes, Haflingers are great...and very pretty.

    juliette, I thought I sent it. It was for that Fjord in the video. I'll post it on your blog.

    Horse of Course, I agree. Meriadoc also goes by "Doc" for short. They are an adorable team. They'll show up in more driving pictures soon.

  5. I have a Beautiful Blogger award for you over on my blog
    Honeysuckle Faire
    Please don’t feel like you have to do it - especially if you have already won a zillion times!