Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breakfast, Anyone?

Here's a little tip from this blogger.

Do not sit down to write a blog post while toasting a bagel under the broiler.

Why I do not have a cooking blog.

I've been blogging for over a year now, and I'm happy to report that my house is still standing. In my defense, I did retrieve this from the broiler before the smoke detector went off.

Today is a sunny Saturday.

Sunshine + Saturday = Horse Play.

I'm turning off the computer.

I'm staying out of the kitchen (for the safety of the family).

I'm loading Misty and Marley into the trailer (hope they remember how), and we're going to a soft-footed arena to get a little exercise.

Have a wonderful weekend safely!


  1. Those bagels have seen better days! Have a wonderful time on this sunny Saturday and gets lots of exercise. We've got some of that getting in shape to do here, once the snow melts.

  2. Oops, that happens to me occasionally too! Hope you have a great time at the arena.

  3. No worries about the bagels - I've actually caught a chocolate cake on fire in an oven....

    Enjoy your horsey day!

  4. My "too much blogging" in the morning hasn't caused any burned bagels, but I do think sometimes I hear two grumpy horses neighing that I am 15 minutes late! If I lived where they were, I could run out and feed and THEN blog, but I don't live there, so I blog first and then drive over...and get "yelled" at by Pie and Sovey.

  5. I forgot to say that I hope your trip to the arena was great fun!

  6. Thanks Everyone. The arena was a soggy mess, so we had to stay home, but that didn't ruin the plans altogether. It's pretty soggy at home too; wet, slippery surface atop frozen ground. So each horse was treated to some light ground work, a walk on the leadline down the street, and some grooming. Misty received a refresher on trailer loading. She walked in with no hestiation and I left her in there, munching on hay while I worked with Marley. It was nice to get some horse time in..other than feeding and scooping.

  7. Now that it's warming up, I've got the itch like you wouldn't believe. The horses are still down at winter pasture, though, and won't come home until after Easter. Bummer.

  8. Hahaha! Wow! That's the first time I've ever seen a charcoal bagel!

  9. Haha!
    Bet they were crunchy though?