Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Thing: Curry Comb

Spring is the time to dust off the curry comb and flex those grooming muscles that have been idle all winter.

Circles, circles, circles.
Feel the burn.

Each springtime grooming session reveals a little more of the beautiful horse hidden underneath all that winter hair.

Marley is really giving it up here.

Happy spring and happy shedding to all our equine friends and their devoted groomers.


  1. I just bought another shedding blade...seems that I lost my old one in the move. Can't wait to attach the fuzzy beasties in the morning!

    Marley is going to be so good looking, and Marley's mom is going to be in such great shape!

  2. I love grooming the winter shed! I usually use a rubber mit (My Boy loves the massage!) but need to pull out my curry comb for the spring shed, I think it gets more hair.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!!

  3. Major hangs onto his coat till mid April - then starts to grow the nw one before July is out! A grey horse is not good when you wear a dark blue fleece.

  4. Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy shedding! It is a "hairy" time of the year. Pie and Sovey are shedding but not as fast and furiously as Mr. Marley looks to be.

  5. We've been in full shed here too for a while. Weather has been more wet and cold then nice so I'm holding out on that "really good groom". They still need some of that extra coverage.

    Love that picture of Marley's hairy bum!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Happy spring, and Happy Easter too!
    Looks like you're into some hard work there, Once Upon...can we have a follow up with a picture of you on it???

  7. Breathe, auburn is such a pretty color.

    Dreaming, thank goodness for curry combs and shedding blades. Both are in use here now. Yeah, I'm working up some muscles under these chubby arms.

    Happy Easter Pony Girl. Hope you and My Boy enjoy your grooming, er..message sessions.

    jc, I was just reading in a horse magazine that the hairs that are shedding now started growing at the end of June or the length of daylight first begins to decrease. Interesting. Yeah, fleece & flannel are to be avoided when grooming or handling hay. I never seem to learn though and am constantly laundering and picking hay off my clothes.

    juliette, I think Fjords get an extra thick coat. Must be their heritage. Marley grows it early and sheds it earlier than Misty. Happy Easter!

    JeniQ, it seems like it takes a long time to get down to the summer coat. We still need a little extra hair here too; probably for another month.

    Horse of before and after picture? Ha! We could all set up exercise spas for people to come "work out" and groom our horses. Charge money, it'd be great. Happy Easter to you!

  8. Just looking at all that hair makes me itch. LOL

  9. Believe it or not we've had the same thing around here for the last two days. What a mess with tufts of hair flying all around. Happy Easter.

  10. Rising Rainbow, I hear ya...I have to take a shower and wash my hair after these groomings.

    Grey Horse, with all the wind we've had, I let it blow out of the barn and hope the birdies can use it for nests. Happy Easter to you too. Windy here, but at least no snow today.

  11. I was currying my Paint yesterday, it was very windy, and most of the hair went straight into my mouth!
    I can't wait for the shedding to be done!

  12. Paint Girl...Ewwww! Blegh! That hair is hard to spit out. Seems like it is terribly windy all over the country. It's been awful here for several days now.

  13. I've got to go out and "feel the burn" today after my vacation. I came home to a whole-lotta shedding. :) Yay.