Monday, November 29, 2010

Misty's Monday Muse - Feelin' Groovy

It's not even Christmas yet and I got some groovy new threads.  Check me out in my new fleece cooler.

MyLady says it reminds her of a pair of bell bottoms she had in the '70s.  You couldn't pay her to wear pants with horizontal stripes now though.  I'm cool with the stripes.

Being the full-figured chick that I am, clothes off-the-rack don't always fit me to the max.  I'm wearing a size 81 and it is a little snug in the shoulders.  The length is good, but the belly straps had to be extended all the way.

Big is beautiful, Man!

Since I have all my winter hair now, I get sweaty under my saddle when I shake my groove thing.  My new cooler will keep me from getting chilled when I ride home in my rolling box after a workout.

Can you dig it?

Peace out,


  1. Newmarket! Did mylady get the matching tote? :)

  2. She's just such a beautiful mare!

  3. Don't you just look like the sexiest thing in your new outfit. Love it, the stripes make you look long and slinky.

  4. Oh, Misty, you look gorgeous!
    But, if you paid attention to the wouldn't get sweaty and need a cooler!

    Sing it, Doc:

    Slow down, you move too fast,
    You got to make the hay bale last.
    Just kicking around the barnyard stones
    Don't want to be ridden and feelin' groovy!

  5. Misty, you look so very spiffy and fashionable in your new cooler! And I admire your confidence to pull off horizontal stripes!

  6. A fuzzy fleece sounds just right. But add the sporty stripes? Winter does offer some benefits after all!

  7. Rosie is Jealous! She'd like a new cooler/sheet too but like you finding one to fit is just about impossible. Bonnie told her to watch out as I may try to make coolers/sheets for them, and she's seen the little humans dressed in what I've made.

  8. Oh, Big is Beautiful!

    Shake yer booty, Misty - now you have a gorgeous outfit to impress all the guys with when riding home...