Monday, February 7, 2011

Misty's Monday Muse - Winter Horses

It's been very cold, but we don't mind.  Our barn builder said he builds barns more for the comfort of people than horses.  It's true.  SaraJane and I prefer to be outside, even when it is cold and snowy.

But we are eager to come in when the dinner bell rings.

Stay warm,


  1. Silly horses!

    But ours are much happier outside too. Not that they have a barn, but the one time I tried to stall one of them she ate the walls. Literally.

  2. That is so cold! I need to go outside to warm up after watching that :-)

  3. Looks like they both enjoy being outside, and have become good buddy's!

    I've heard that saying about people barn's, so true.

  4. Hey, we have a great idea. Why don't you girls come on over to our place? We can play in the snow. I hear we are gonna have another snowstorm tonight. When our owners are in bed...come on over!

    Doc & Pippin

  5. GunDiva, "ate the walls", I believe it. If Misty is confined to a 12x12 stall she will wear a circular track in the shavings during the night.

    Jacqueline, did you warm up on the beach? I'm so jealous right now.

    aurora, I'm pleased at how well they get along, considering they are both girls. Although Misty is much tougher on SaraJane than she ever was on Marley.'s a date! We'll sneak out tonight...Misty and SJ.

    Jeni, yep and lots more coming tonight.

  6. Happy friends in the snow. Misty and SaraJane are beginning to look like twins!

  7. I love to watch horses in snow. Mine always keep me entertained this time of year.

    Cute blog, love for you to join our Tuesday's Horse Blog Linky.

  8. I believe that is the ultimate proof of proving it right to let the horses stay outdoors as much as possible.
    Even in Scandinavia you have horses out 24/7, but with shelter - which they don't use much.

    They are so cute together!

  9. Its amazing - when we switch our cozy barn in wisconsin for a 3 sided shed in Montana, I thought for sure they would miss it and be miserable..

    The other day they were out in the pasture; snow is flying by sideways and they are standing behind some bushes, tail tucked, snow on back, dozing...!