Saturday, February 11, 2012

Careful, You Might Get Burned

Dreaming wrote this cute little story called She Was Hot!  that was inspired by Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus writing challenge.  It's clever and I wanna play too. This is my first time.

Jenny provides a prompt for you to use in a story. She also tells you how many words to use.  It's loads of fun and quite challenging to get the exact word count.

This week's prompt is "The wedding was at the firehouse" and the story must be 106 words.

Click on Jenny's button to read the stories and join the fun.  My story, Careful, You Might Get Burned,  follows below.

Jenny Matlock

They met on the job and it was love at first sight.  

They knew office romances were discouraged, but there was no denying the animal attraction between them. 

His buddy warned him, “Sure she’s a looker, but there are plenty of fish in the sea; just don't fish off the company pier.”  

Her best friend said, “He’s handsome. That firm jaw and those strong shoulders are dreamy. But what if he breaks your heart?  You’ll still have to work with him.”  

Their love grew as they worked together, side by side. The wedding was at the firehouse, where they were hitched in more ways than one.  

Kansas Firefighter's Museum


  1. Oh... I LOVE it! Fantastic! Creative! Fun!
    And, I bet it was fun to write, right?

  2. "he's a looker?" Nah! He's a keeper!! Great take on the prompt!!

  3. Love your story and the picture at the end is great!

  4. "Don't fish off the company pier".. haha, love that line.

    Jenny's challenges are fun aren't they?

  5. Loved this story. And the picture is great too!

  6. cute... great line about being hitched!

  7. Really fun! This one went off without a hitch.



  8. This was fun, and optimistic, showing that love wins out after all. Glad they got "hitched".

  9. Oh wow. Loved this cute and clever use of the prompt! What a wonderful direction to go!

    Thanks for linking up! You have a great whimsical style of writing!