Wednesday, December 19, 2012



My goodness, that was a long blogger nap!

Misty and I are still here, but we've had some changes. 

Sweet SaraJane returned to her horse rescue.
She has started her training to become more adoptable.
We miss her and hope she finds a wonderful forever home.

Misty has two new sisters:
a mini mare,
 and her adorable (and slightly ornery) daughter:
 a mini molly mule.
They are permanent members of our family.
We love them!

Our little herd is quite odd looking, but the trio gets along well. 
Misty is a gentle and amiable big sister.

Lyra, Lola, and Misty
Lola: "Blizzard? What blizzard?  It was just a little snow falling sideways."
December 19th
Season's Greetings
from our herd to yours.


  1. Welcome back online! I've missed your posts.
    I am in love with your mini's - how incredibly cute!!

  2. Welcome back online! I've missed your posts.
    I am in love with your mini's - how incredibly cute!!

  3. What an awesome threesome they make! All of them are incredibly cute. That snow face is priceless! Hope you enjoyed your nap ;-)

  4. Welcome back! How cute are all three, each different in their own way!

  5. Your minis are so cute. The trio are so adorable in their own unique way. I'm glad to come across your blog. I'm excited to hear more from you.

  6. they are sooo cute and look absolutely adorable together!

  7. Oh Lola, I am totally in love, I think I may actually have to travel all the way across the sea to take you out for lunch. We may be miles apart but I send you my mini mule heart - Monty xx

  8. Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going well. I sure hope that sweet girl Sara Jane finds a forever home. I enjoyed reading about her & seeing the two girls together.

  9. So nice to hear from you! Congratulations on the additions to your equine family. They are adorable!

  10. Please! Please! They are just lethally darling, all three of them together. Eeeek. You should have to pull a permit to deploy that kind of adorable out into cyberspace. :)

  11. lucky you, I've always wanted a mini mule. I got my mini but no mule Yet.