Friday, June 14, 2013

Safe and Sound

Thank-you, blogger friends, for your good wishes.

We are safe and comfortable while we wait out this situation.  So far, our house is untouched.

Good news:  KRDO TV is reporting rain over the fire now. Hopefully it will pour and not just spit and blow wind.

Misty and the minis are getting a lot of attention at the fairgrounds.  There are many beautiful horses there, including 14 mommas and their adorable foals.   This was the count early Thursday:

"Elbert County Fairgrounds remains open with space for evacuees and animals. Total count of animals currently at the Fairgrounds is as follows: 28 chickens; 216 horses, 5 drafts/14 foals; 5 cows, 2 calves; 27 Alpacas; 14 dogs; 25 cats; 22 goats; 1 ducks; 4 burros; 2 guinea pigs; 3 sheep; 19 miniature horses; 19 mules; 8 lamas; 3 stallions; 1 yak."

They have about 148 people there too, camping or staying in the Red Cross shelter.

I'll share some pictures when I get home (not sure when).  In my haste to leave, I grabbed my iPod cord instead of my camera cord.  :-)   I forgot socks too, but remembered my toothbrush.  Minor details, but this has certainly been a learning experience unlike anything else I've been through.

Thank-you firefighters!  You're the best!


  1. Yes, you are correct; that would be Andy the paint and Star the POA in our paddock. They have been good visitors. Their mom went on to her brother's in Nebraska.
    I can't believe Vonda jumped out - how scary! I'm thinking you might be able to set the back windows so they can't be operated by a 'child'.
    Misty with mini's would get lots of attention wherever she was! I'm glad you said "mini's" because when we drove by to get M's horses, I only saw 1 mini.
    I know that lots of people grabbed things they didn't need and left things they did. It is hard to grab and go like that. We have had experience with hurricanes... and we always had a much bigger head start with the evacuation notice.
    Glad you are OK!

  2. Thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

  3. So glad y'all are safe and the ponies are safe as well. Keeping fingers crossed that home stays safe as well!

  4. Glad you are all OK!! What a nightmare!

    My daughter lives in C Springs, but they live in town, West of the airport.
    Their wedding was at a nice B and B up in the Black Forest though, she said it was on the southern most alert edge, on Thurs.

    Stay safe!!

  5. Glad you're all safe!

  6. Thanks for letting us know you are safe! Maizie, Brian and I have been thinking good thoughts for you and sending safe wishes. Thank you also for sharing the numbers of animals at the fairgrounds. That is amazing and really illustrates to us how dire it all is, but how wonderful to have a place to go.

    That baby deer is adorable. Stay safe and sound!

  7. Glad all are safe. Please keep us updated! When you are all safe back home and settled, I'd sure appreciate a Lessons Learned Post from your experiences...

    1. Great idea on Lessons Learned post. I'll try to do that. I did learn a few things.

  8. So terrifying! Very glad all of you are safe and so far, your house untouched. We don't have to worry about wildfires here...just tornadoes.

  9. Been thinking about you, glad you and the critters are safe!

  10. Glad to hear you guys are okay! :) Stopping by from Feral's blog.

  11. Catching up on posts, glad you are all okay. What a scary situation!

  12. Yikes! I just read about this! I'm glad you're all okay.