Friday, August 2, 2013

Post Fire Flooding

Every time it rains, news crews come out and film at this location, where it floods across the street and then leaves a bunch of black sludge behind.  At times the flooding has been up to the top of the fence.  This homeowner lost their house in the fire and now they have to deal with this mess too.

Where does all this goo come from?  Here's the answer from last Monday's storm.

More storms are on the way.


  1. Yes, just because the fire is out doesn't mean it isn't still having additional consequences.

    1. So true! The ecosystem of the forest has changed drastically. On top of the fire damage, there is concern that some property owners are cutting down damaged trees in haste and hauling everything away, not leaving enough behind to help heal the land. And companies have come out of the wood work, claiming to be skill arborists, who probably charge for every tree they chop down and haul away.

  2. That is amazing! What a raging river.
    It will be a long, slow process of healing.

  3. That's just awful. First the fire and now this.