Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Best of March

four, four leaf clover,
      The best thing about March is?
  1. College Basketball
  2. Lingering Snow and Cold
  3. St. Patrick's Day
  4. Spring Skiing
  5. Daylight Savings Time
       If you picked #5, you are an equestrian!   

Of course I want a snack after my mud bath.
 March 8, 2015 is DST.
Daylight Saddle Time.

If we're not covered in mud, we're covered in hay.
February recap:
  • I'm still in chronic pain, but perceive it lessening slightly. I saw my orthopedic doc and he said to expect a full 2 years for soft tissue damage to heal. 
  • February teased us with a few days of unseasonably warm weather.  Team Misty had some good riding lessons and I was very pleased to discover I can do a posting trot without pain in my knees.  
  • On the cold days, I appreciated my new Stickyseat polartec fleece riding pants; they are warm and comfortable.
  • Began doing Pilates and Yin Yoga to become a better equestrian.  Hurts my knee to do postures like "Child's Pose" and "Cat-Cow", so I have to improvise.  Still can't kneel on my knee or upper tibia/shin. 
  • Gained more confidence in my riding.


  1. Hope you get better riding weather soon. I love daylight savings time in march as I can do some of my evening beach activities again.

    1. Yes! Daylight savings time is a joy for all of us who want to be outdoors. Enjoy the beach.

  2. Ouch! Two years?? :( I hope it doesn't take that long. I'm glad it's easing some.

    I totally picked number five. I'm more excited for daylight saddle time than I was for Christmas or my birthday lol. ;)

    1. I'm already 8 months onto healing, so hopefully pain free in 14 months. ..or less would be nice. Yay DST. Counting down.

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