Monday, May 11, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

Marley and I were up to mischief today. My Lady is not very happy with us. She got home from work early and all was well. We were the picture of innocence. She fed us our afternoon snack and went inside to finish her work from her home office.

We aren't allowed in the pasture yet because the tender new grass is growing. We usually get to move about our dry lot all day, but while we were at school some sweet, young grass grew in there. My Lady doesn't want us to overeat and get too much sugar that we're not used to, so she's been gradually increasing our time in the dry lot. Eventually we'll have enough time out there to kill the grass so it can be a true dry lot. But we are impatient.

At 4:30 My Lady came out to turn us into the almost-dry-lot. She stepped outside the garage door and was surprised to see Marley loose on the property.

Marley! What are you doing out here?

Then she found me on the other side of the house, doing the same thing as Marley - gobbling grass as fast as my teeth could snip! We were both outside the fencing, completely loose. But with all this grass everywhere, we didn't go far and hadn't been out there long enough to poop. So no harm done.

Misty! How did you two get out?

Then she saw it.

The corral panels were all cattywampus and separated from the barn.

Yahoo! This is where we made our escape.

My Lady is perplexed. She's wondering how and why we pushed these panels out. But we're not telling.


  1. Oh oh, once the horses find a spot they can break through, they keep going back to it. Mine figured out how to pull the connector pins out of the round pen panels and push them apart, so now we keep wire wrapped around where the pins go in. Too funny.

  2. NuzMuz, your horses are very clever; that's funny that they figured out how to disassemble the panels.

    After my husband straightened the panels and reattached them to the barn, we saw Misty snooping around that spot to see if she could slip through again. She busted through a pasture gate last September and bent it into a V shape. We replaced it with a bull gate and it has held so far.

  3. Maybe you should rename them Houdini 1&2. We have some escape artists too that have learned how to open latches and locks. Now the gates look like Fort Knox. We've also had a few learn how to go under the stall guards in the barn and now there are double ones there also.

  4. Hey! I just read your comment on my post about Edgar bolting, then read your post for today, lol. I do hope this is not a regular behaviour! I am afraid because I haven't ridden Edgar in a little over a week. Fun stuff :-/

  5. Grey Horse, Marley can open latches too. They are sneaky critters.

    RB, They'll keep us on our toes; got to stay one step ahead of them all the time.

  6. I bet they were very content with themselves :-)
    And I also bet that they will try that corner again!
    You haven't tried Edgar out on trail yet, OnceUpon?

  7. trail riding yet. I was going to go on a Fjord group ride this weekend but I'm not ready. Couldn't get into the arena of the riding club I joined 2 months ago. And I want to do some arena work first.

    Yes Misty has been seen lurking in that corner trying to get it to magically open again.