Monday, May 18, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

It's a beautiful, warm, sunny day here. Marley and I have been lazy and sleepy, relaxing in the shade. Marley is kind of an indoor nerd. He's been inside the barn most of the day while I've been keeping watch outside from the shade of our porch. A mare's work is never done. It's always up to us mares to protect the geldings.

My Lady has decided to take Marley to a nearby arena for a ride this evening. She just got done backing the truck and hitching the gooseneck horse trailer all by herself. She kept easing the truck forward and backward, and got in & out of the truck at least half a dozen times to check her alignment of the coupler. I nickered some encouragement to her. She only backed the lowered tailgate into the trailer once. Then she crawled in and out of the truck bed a couple of times to lock and secure the hitch, attach the safety chains, and plug in the brakes. Whew, I'm exhausted from just being a spectator to this odd dance. She's gone inside to rest a few minutes and have some ice water and a piece of string cheese before fetching Marley.

This is the first time My Lady has hitched the trailer without anyone guiding her. She says it's nice to have a man around to help, but a good horsewoman also has to be strong, capable, and independent.

Be a good boy on your ride Marley.


  1. I know just the feeling of aligning the hitch, some days it goes good and some days not so good. But I'm sure it's amusing to the onlookers.

  2. Grey Horse, so true. Marley even came out of the barn to watch.