Monday, September 6, 2010

Misty's Monday Muse - Cruisin' the Neighborhood

I took MyLady on a ride through the neighborhood today, accompanied by a couple of my horsey friends and their humans.  We've only cruised the neighborhood once before and that was exactly 1 year ago.  It's sort of like a trail ride, but with a lot of strange and noisy things moving around; the kind of things that can worry a horse.

I had no problem passing the driveway culverts and the big green electrical boxes and the "house-for-sale" signs.  The cars driving by me on the big road didn't bother me at all. 

Then we turned onto one of the neighborhood side streets and I became distracted by all the activity on both sides of the street.

It was very windy on this street and there were flags flapping atop poles on both sides.

Humans were moving around in their yards.  Some were traveling on their 2 legs, others were riding ATVs and noisy lawn mower machines.

There were horses on both sides of the street that caught my attention.  One was running along his fence and calling to us.  I've met him before.  I think he wanted to join us.

I was pretty nervous as we left the street and rode into a big grassy field.  When I get nervous, MyLady gets nervous.  And when MyLady gets nervous, I get even more nervous. It's a vicious circle.

It wasn't so windy in this field and soon  MyLady and I both began to relax and enjoy our ride.  We circled a bunch of picnic tables.  No big deal.  Picnic tables don't eat horses.

Then we had to go back onto that street with all the busy humans.  That's when I saw a REALLY, REALLY tall human, the tallest one I've ever seen, making a loud hissing noise as he spit white stuff onto the side of his house.  I got nervous and MyLady didn't know why.  Then she saw the really tall human too and said, "Oh Misty, it's just a man on a ladder spray painting his house."   I was glad when we moved passed that scary, tall, spitting man.

The rest of the ride home was easy.  The street we live on is much quieter.  As we rode onto our home property, our next door neighbor came over and said he and his wife had seen us riding on the side of the road.  They said from now on we don't have to ride on the road, but can pass through their property to get to the field behind us.  That is so nice of them and gives us access to more riding area.

MyLady removed my saddle, brushed me, and turned me loose in my paddock.  I was so glad to be home.  I immediately found a spot in the sunshine, stood very still, cocked one back hoof and let my head down and my eyes got droopy.  Mr. OnceUpon laughed at me because I got so sleepy, so quickly after getting home.

I've been a good mare during this holiday weekend.

Saturday I took my lady on a lovely trail ride through the pine trees

Sunday afternoon I rode in my rolling box to an arena where MyLady trotted me around orange cones and barrels. Whew, that was hard work.

Today we experienced strange sights and sounds in our neighborhood.

Tomorrow is my day off!  Yippee!


  1. Misty, you've been a very busy mare. It must be the weekend for work - my mare spent the weekend taking care of my son.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow, you've earned it.

  2. Some nice successful rides, what a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like you did great. And I understand that vicious circle. That happens to us, too.

  4. So the question dear Misty is how do we break that cycle?? When you and your lady figure that out please share with the rest of us.

    Sounds you had lovely fun with your Lady you are a good mare!

  5. Aww, shucks. I wanted to come with you! I called to you, but I couldn't figure out how to get out of the pasture. Maybe next time my Mrs. Owner will take me, too!

    - Doc

  6. Good to know that you don't have to go down that scary street anymore with spitting tall man. Sounds like a great weekend of riding.You deserve a rest today.

  7. You really are getting some good rides in! Way to go Misty and your Lady!

  8. It's so charming to hear the story in Misty's own words!! (And it helps me to be more attuned to my horse's perspective on things, also.) Thanks, Misty!

  9. Hi Misty,
    Thanks for putting things into perspective for the lady who rides me. She took me down a long dirt road this last weekend to see the Mules that live next door to my home. She thought I might get excited when I met them and I could feel her uncertainty on me as we approached them, although she tried hard to act normal. I was much more interested in the lush, thick clover outside the Mule's gate then visiting with them. My rider seemed to relax when she found I could care less about the Mules. She praised me over and over again for being such a brave horse. I know when to take a compliment and so I'm not going to tell her that I've known Mules for years. My last job before I met her was as a pack horse and Mules were some of my best friends!

  10. Oh those very tall humans are indeed very alarming! But luckily, they are as helpless and non-threatening as can be!

  11. That whole nervous circle is really common! But troublesome nonetheless. How wonderful that your neighbors are horsey people.

  12. Misty, sounds like mylady is letting you know that she will take good care of you and look out for your best interests; you got a good momma!!!