Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tranquil Trail Ride

Yesterday I rode the trail horse I dream of owning.

Oh wait...I do own that horse!  It was Misty!

Yesterday Misty and I went on a trail ride with two of our equestrian neighbors.  It was only our 3rd trail ride of the year.  The first two trail rides were good, but there were minor issues to work through.
  • Drainage culverts to cross where the dirt changes and horse-eating pipes protrude from each side.
  • Mountain bikers riding up behind us with little or no warning.  
  • Tree stumps and gnarly wooded shapes that look like strange beasts.
  • Hikers with dogs off-leash
  • Misty trying to eat every pine tree we pass.
  • Regulating our pace along the trail.  (Misty can be a speed walker)
  • Circles, circles, and more circles.
  • Motion sickness.  (Don't eat lunch and drink soda pop shortly before riding a draft horse with a big, lumbering stride.)
But yesterday the ride was different.  Within a few minutes along the trail I exclaimed, "I'm riding the trail horse I've dreamed of owning!"  Misty was very calm and relaxed on a loose rein.  I felt calm and relaxed, enjoying Misty's steady, rhythmic stride. The ride was beautiful and peaceful.  We are making progress.  And it was great fun to ride with friends.

Unfortunately I have no pictures.  My camera is hiding from me.  I know I could find it if I did some house cleaning.  But right now, this bumper sticker from Horse Hollow Press is my motto:

September is offering up some of the best riding weather of the year.  We must take advantage of it.  Soon enough, the snow will fall and there will be plenty of time for house cleaning then.  (I promise Mr. OnceUpon).


  1. Ooo, I know what you mean. Smokey has become that dream horse for me (and after the bad dreams I've been having it's quite a relief).

    Love the bumper sticker. I'm all over that.

    Besides, dust bunnies can be adorable. If you let them get big enough.

  2. That sounds wonderful. Glad you had such a nice time. Housework? In this beautiful weather...I don't think so.

  3. My daughter used to have a version of that on her car - horsework before homework.

    Glad everything is going well for you!

  4. Oh what a wonderful story of your ride and discovery that you own the horse of your dreams! I love that! And you are so right - there will be many days to clean the house in winter. Misty the wonder horse!

  5. Housework is for when it's too dark or too stormy to go riding.

  6. Yup....I keep promising to do things around the house...when the weather turns awful!

    Mr. Pippin enjoyed his ride (as did his 'mom') even though....

    Can't wait to do it again! Thanks for sharing the ride with us!

  7. Oh! I'm so happy for you. There is just something so wonderful when everything just clicks and you and your horse are relaxed enjoying the outing together. Yay!


  8. Sounds like the perfect ride. Pretty darn cool for the third ride this year.

    I need one of those bumper stickers. I live by that rule might as well let others know. Of course if they saw my house they'd really know. LOL

  9. Everyone deserves their dream horse--congratulations! There's nothing better than September rides--dreamy!!

  10. Wonderful ride, good girl Misty!

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful ride! Isn't that heavenly, when everything comes together like that, and you and your horse have a great time! Those are precious moments!

    And I'm chuckling over the comments on housework. My philosophy is that dust provides a form of insulation! So of course, I don't want to disturb it!

  12. oh that is soooo wonderful to hear!!!!!!

    Keep riding and enjoy!!!!