Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Day Humor - CNN Reports on Horse Herpes

While horse owners and event sponsors are taking the recent EHV-1 outbreak very seriously, you just know that when the non-horse public hears the words "Horse Herpes", there is bound to be some giggling.

Click on the picture to watch CNN's Jeanne Moos share her report in a way that only Jeanne Moos can.

*Hump Day: Wednesday; the middle of the work week; we've climbed the proverbial mountain and now it is downhill to the weekend.


  1. I love the whole stick horse thing. Made me laugh.

  2. Leah, I love stick horses. I have a really cute one as a decoration. But maybe I should consider riding it around my neighborhood since Misty will likely be out of commission most of the summer. I could use the exercise. I wonder what the neighbors would think.