Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still Alive and Holding

Despite how this picture may look, Misty is still very much alive and doing (relatively) well.

She's just a very sound sleeper.

We are still in a holding pattern, waiting to resolve this dental issue once and for all.   Misty's tooth repulsion surgery is scheduled for next week.  This whole ordeal has been an exercise in patience

" God grant me patience...NOW! "

Misty has displayed more aplomb than me through this prolonged trial.  She takes it all in stride, enjoying long naps in the poo ditch where the ground is soft and warm.

Trusty sidekick, SaraJane, is quick to follow Misty's lead.

Misty is a very stoic mare, but this week I will begin adding a digestive supplement to her feed.  She has never shown any signs of ulcers, but since this could be a stressful procedure and recovery period, I've decided to add Progressive Nutrition's Soothing Pink to her feed for 30 days.  And I'll be stocking up on equine senior and timothy pellets to soak for the soft diet she will have to be on for a time.  Hopefully by the end of next week, we'll be past the waiting stage and into recovery.


  1. This all sounds worse than what I had to do for my root canal and crown. Hope the ordeal comes to an end soon.

  2. Hope she's feeling much better by the end of next week. Poor girl. She looks so cute in the pictures and so does Sarah Jane.

  3. Poor Misty! What an ordeal for you both!

  4. I kept waiting to hear the post surgery story - I had no idea you were still waiting! Ugh!
    Pippin did quite well on soaked timothy pellets - but then again, he's not what I would call a fussy eater!
    Good luck!

  5. I am sure you look forward to putting this behind you. Wishing you & Misty the best!! Sara Jane & Misty are so cute together!!

  6. That Misty is so darn cute when she is stretched out sleeping! What a strong girl she has been. Good luck to her and you in the coming days. I am glad she has SaraJane to keep her company.

  7. Ha! She could pass for dead in that picture for sure. I fall for it with my horses almost every day. You'd think I'd learn my lesson. I woke poor Old Red up just yesterday to make sure he was alive. He didn't look happy. ;)

    This tooth situation is like nothing I've ever heard of before. I'm really sorry you're having to deal with it and be in such a long holding pattern.

  8. I'm glad Misty is taking it all in stride. I sometimes wish I could be more like the horses lol. Good luck and please keep us updated!

  9. Hope all goes well with her surgery. Sounds like you are getting very prepared for the post-operative steps you will have to do. We are all wishing Misty well in her surgery!