Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Sweet Cubicle

It's been two weeks since Misty's dental surgery and she is doing well.  Her stitches should come out today, but par for the course, we have to wait until Monday; my vet is on vacation.  Oh well, veterinarians need vacations too.

I took several days off work and then telecommuted for a week so I could take care of Misty at home.   Alas, I couldn't stay away from the office forever, so I returned this week.

I've mentioned before that finding Work-Life-Horse Balance is challenging.  My job can be very stressful and demanding.   So last month I decided to personalize my office cubicle with happy things that motivate me to keep my butt in the chair and my nose to the grindstone.

I decorated my cubicle corner - the one I spend hours and hours facing - with happy horsey wall art, turning it from a drab space into a charming nook in which to rest my eyes and unwind when I need a brain break.

The small stuffed horse underneath my monitor is actually a screen cleaner.  It's tummy is made of soft microfiber cloth.

I love the picture in the center because it reminds me of Misty, with her big head and drafty hooves.

The artist titled it: "Reclining Nude"

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's off to work I go.  

(It's Wednesday!  Just two more days until the weekend.)

Quote:  "Corporations no longer try to fit square pegs into round holes; they just fit them into square cubicles."   Robert Brault


  1. Glad to hear Misty is recovering well and love the decor, especially the paintings!

  2. Glad you've been able to make such a depressing work situation look better. How do companies expect people to work like this. I've only worked in open plan offices.

  3. Nice job! My own cubicle walls are pretty sad...mostly work stuff. I do have one foal calendar, one pretty horse card from my team and a chart from the Hyperbole and a Half blog that makes me feel like not such a failure for thinking there are way too many "things" to do. Oh, and a mini beachball with a smiley face that we like to volley over the cube walls.

  4. Very glad to hear Miss Misty is well on her way to a full recovery.

    Your cube pictures inspire me to do something with my gray drab work area. I do have a great view of green space, golf course, and an amusement park!

  5. If ya gotta live in a cubicle, it might as well be decorated! Love it!
    I saw half of the BF Arts & Craft Guild goods in your cubicle!!

  6. You inspire me - I totally understand the balance of work - horse - life - and right now Im still in transition phase of moving. And theres a wedding to plan for next year. and two college graduations. and prepping pastures and hayfields...and...
    but if Shirley can do it, so can I :)

    So glad that Misty's ordeal looks to be almost over - Thank goodness!

  7. Good for you! I can see why your cute, beautiful and fun artwork will bring you some joy and a break from the daily grind throughout your busy days.


  8. Hm, you can lean back from your chair and appreciate the stuff that you've brought to work. It's great to have those little personal items in your office space, no? They can really take out the stress of work.