Thursday, August 4, 2011

And the award goes to...


For best dental check-up!

We went back to our local horse doc today for our last, final, concluding, determinate vet  visit since this whole tooth ordeal began four and a half months ago.  

The vet and the tech discussed checking Misty without sedation.  They decided, "Yes, let's try it because she's been such a good girl."  So they inserted the dental speculum and flushed Misty's mouth.  Misty stood patiently while the vet reached in and examined the empty socket...and declared it good!

The socket is granulated up to the gum line. 
There is no putrid odor. 
External facial swelling has decreased to almost normal. 
Misty can go back to work.

I'm not wasting any time.  I'm taking my girl to a clinic on Saturday and then taking her back to her trainer on Sunday.  I'll probably just do ground work at the clinic and will play it by ear on some very light riding.  And Misty's trainer will begin easing her back to work and put some finishing on her.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to go on a few trail rides before it starts snowing.

Here are the final pictures of the tooth as it was removed in stages.

Left to right:  The slab fracture removed in March, the pieces that broke apart when my local vet tried to extract the remainder of the tooth in May, and finally the rotten root portion that was removed via Steinmann Pin Repulsion in June.
The dentist who performed the repulsion said this hole was not made by the Steinmann Pin.  It might have been caused by decay and abscess.  Interesting. 

(I hope, I pray)


  1. And the 2nd best thing is that today's vet bill was only 20 bucks!

  2. 20 bucks! What a deal. That's great news, but I am sorry that it took so long to resolve this issue. You must have been feeling frustrated.

  3. Awesome! Congrats! I'm so happy this crazy adventure is finally over. Enjoy riding your girl and have fun!

  4. Yay, so happy for you and Misty! What a good girl to be so good after everything she's been through. Happy trails!

  5. Now that is GOOD news!!! Love to hear it. Put it behind you and enjoy your time riding.

  6. Misty is such a sweet girl and she's put up with so much and taken it all so well. I'm so happy for both of you that this ordeal is over. Now you can both go out and have some fun.

  7. YES!!!!!!

    and theres summer still left to do things, Yay!!!

    have fun ;D!

  8. Very good news! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed on Dawn's partial slab fracture that was removed by our dentist - so far no problems.

  9. Yeay! I'll second Misty's well deserved award!! Enjoy the rest of summer!

    Altho not spelled the same, my word verification is "misti" :))

  10. Yay! That's very good news! Happy days are here again.

  11. Hooray for Misty! She is the very best horse and deserves such a great award. What an ordeal she has been through - you too!

    Good luck with your new ground work and riding program. Have fun!

  12. That's awesome that clicker training worked for getting the fly mask on the filly. :) I'm excited that you tried it and liked it. It works great for trailer loading too. Have fun!

  13. Good grief, those tooth fragments are nasty. What a wonderful patient Misty has been! Such a good girl.