Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy (Horse Trailer) Campers

I had hoped to do some horse camping this summer, but Misty's tooth issues derailed those plans.

At the beginning of Spring, my riding club held an overnight horse camping practice.  I went sans horse, but it gave me a chance to see how I would fare sleeping in the bunk of my gooseneck horse trailer.

I don't have living quarters, so I was without the usual creature comforts in my bare, steel trailer.  Springtime in Colorado can be very chilly.  This particular weekend brought one of the last cold snaps of the season.  It got down to 35F/1.6C during the night, with a light rain, at our mock campsite.

Brrrr.  I had no heat, but my trailer nest turned out to be "beary" cozy.

For my bed, I use a king size foam mattress topper;  folded in half, it is the perfect size for a bed in the bunk.

For bedding I use flannel sheets, an open sleeping bag, and a heavy duty down comforter topped with my decorative fleece horse blanket.  Inexpensive kitchen valances serve as window coverings.  A battery operated camping lantern and magnetic tent light provide some illumination.  And a 3-drawer plastic storage chest fills in as a nightstand.

Even at 35F,  I was fairly comfortable with the addition of socks, gloves, fleece cap, and a cowl neck warmer.  It got pretty toasty in my little nest.   In fact, I awoke at 2:00 am and couldn't peel off the socks, gloves, hat and neck warmer fast enough.

I followed advice to crack one of the windows open, but still developed some condensation in the trailer.  I do have a ceramic heater, but there was nowhere to plug it in.  I'm considering purchasing a Little Buddy Portable Heater to take the chill off next time.

Have you used a portable camping heater? I'm curious what others have experienced.

There is one more item that comes in handy in a non-LQ horse trailer, whether you are camping or parked at a trail head.

I never leave home without my Luggable Loo.

Have you camped in your horse trailer?  What creature comforts do you take along?  I'm not a seasoned camper, so would love to know what works for you.

Do you have pictures to share in a blog post?  If so, let us know in the comments where your post is, and please link back to this post.


  1. It all looks so comfy and cozy. I've never camped overnight in my trailer but I've taken the portable potty with me to horse shows. Hate using those port-a -potties there.

  2. I can't offer any advice - sorry! You are WAY ahead of me. I still have to get the trailer! But, when I do, I hope my bunk looks as cozy as yours does. Wow. I wouldn't like the cold, but your photos make it look great!

  3. You amaze me! I love how you set up your nest to be so home-like!

  4. I never would have known that was a horse trailer! The only camping I've done for years and years has been of the pretty hard core variety. The only thing I insist on is a good pillow with a neck roll because I've had disk bulges in the past. My husband has fashioned me many lovely latrines over the years...I should do a post on it, I'll let you know if I get around to it!

  5. Grey Horse, yes there is something to be said for having your very own porta potty, instead of a public one.

    juliette, yeah, cold weather camping is not something I will seek out.

    Dreaming, thanks. It was fun to create. I'd like to use it more.

    RuckusButt, that is so romantic. I can't say my husband has ever given me a litrine. Do tell us about your hard core camping.

  6. That looks awesome! Your trailer is better decorated than my house hehe. I'm glad it was warm enough for you. I haven't ever been horse camping so I don't have any advice, but I'd be interested to see what everyone else says. :)

  7. I don't do camping, but I applaud you for making the best of your circumstances!

  8. Wow that looks very comfy-n-cozy! Sorry nothing to share, other then horse camping is on our wish list - with live-in quarters. Someday...

  9. Mr. Fry would tell you: "Mrs. Fry does NOT camp." However, that looked downright cozy. And my main problem is sleeping on the ground, so sleeping in the trailer on an air mattress wouldn't be bad. I have a stock trailer, so I'd need mosquito netting all round.

    Now, if only you can figure out a way to build a shower in there ...

  10. Oh, I LOVE the portable LOO! I'm going to look into one of those!