Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 6: Tricky

  1. My horse does this silly thing....

    After Misty empties her bladder, she remains standing in her potty position, with legs splayed, for quite a long time.  She's either contemplating the meaning of life...or air drying.  I tried to get a picture the last few days, but my timing was always off.  One opportunity sent me rushing to grab my camera in the barn and my quick movement startled Misty and the poor girl took flight in mid stream.  Sorry Misty.
  2. What trick(s) have you taught your horse, dog, cat, husband, or kids?

    How about a bird?  I've taught a Cockatiel and an African Grey parrot to poop on command.  I'd hold them over a paper towel and say "Go potty."  That way I could time the event and avoid unsightly surprises on my clothing and carpet.  Eventually the African Grey started giving me advance warning when she would say the magic words,  "Go potty."  I'd have a few seconds to position her over a towel before "bombs away".

  3. What was the last movie you watched?

    Our satellite service is having a free movie channel preview.  I had Thursday afternoon off of work so I watched The Social Network.  It was alright.  The last movie I saw in a theater was War Horse.  It was excellent! 

My question for you:
Do you prefer to ride: a) English b) Western c) Bareback d) All of the above?

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  1. I can just see Misty 'air drying'! The other day I saw a horse standing awkwardly in pasture as I drove by. Nothing was coming out - maybe she was doing the same thing!
    How neat that your birds are potty trained! Do they talk, too? Our cockatiel used to do a cat call whistle whenever I walked through the room. I liked that he thought I as so beautiful ;-)

    I am actually enjoying my western saddles more than my English. I feel more secure on them - although I never actually hold onto the horn. There is just more saddle around my legs. For that reason I think I'd also enjoy an endurance type saddle. Definitely not bareback. The haffies top layer of fat shifts from side to side and it is unsettling to ride them bareback!

  2. Misty sounds like she's got it under control, very funny. Love that you got your birds potty trained. My sister had a cockatoo and that bird made a mess everywhere.

    Still trying to train my husband to do dishes, make beds, vacuum etc. And after all these years it's just not working!

    I prefer my English saddles. With the Western ones I've tried I feel like I there is too much saddle and I don't have a good feel of the horse. I'm sure if I rode in one for a while (have only done trail rides) it would be comfortable too.

  3. Shy does the same thing when she pees! It must be air drying! haha!

    I do really enjoy riding bareback, but have not done it since I came off Shy. Right now I have a Western saddle that I really like, but I have also rode in an English saddle (not on Shy) that was comfy, too. I do really want an endurance saddle, though!

  4. Misty is pretty darn smart!
    For me, it's English, bareback, then Western, probably because I've only ridden Western once or twice, and it was too much saddle.

  5. Bareback. I've been doing it so long that any saddle seems to be too much saddle.

    I've never really ridden English, so I guess I can't say whether or not I prefer that type of saddle.

  6. Western, for sure! I love the saddle. I get dirty riding bareback and I haven't ridden much English to know what I'm doing, but dressage was too nit-picky for me.

    I'm pretty amazed that you taught a bird to go potty! Impressive!

  7. I think each riding style has it's ups and downs. I could never imagine breaking a horse in an english saddle. But I prefer to show english flat classes because it's so much easier then western pleasure imo. And bareback is the best way to get a really good seat. Each has their pros and cons.

  8. You are giving me more reasons not to mss having a pet Once Upon :-)

  9. That is so funny about Misty!! She must have good toileting habits!! LOL!
    And that is amazing about what you taught your birds to do!! Wow. Quite a good trick.

    I learned to ride in English saddles and loved a Keiffer dressage saddle my instructor had. Now, I love Western saddles, especially my best-saddle-in-the-world Continental reining saddle, but mostly I use Western to help my horse's back (he's swaybacked). Although as a rider, I feel more grounded in a western saddle than in an English one.

  10. That's too funny about Misty air drying lol. Faran is the opposite. It takes him forever to get situated just right before he will pee. Once he's done he's pretty quick to walk off lol.

    My answer is all of the above! I will ride any saddle (or bareback) that is available! I think that comes from not being able to consistently ride since before 2007. I didn't have a horse from 2007-2009. I got Chrome in 2009 at five months old so he won't be old enough to ride until May this year, so basically the only time I get to ride is my friend's horses.