Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop 8: Cheeky

 1. Describe how a horse you have known is sometimes a 'cheeky monkey'. What does he/she do that is a bit naughty?  
Misty is my cheeky monkey.  Or  lippy monkey may be more appropriate.  She has very busy lips.  They are always searching for something to play with and it is often the tail of my shirt, or the zipper pull on my jacket, or the buttons on my shirt, or the rubber strips around the outside of the horse trailer windows, or the toe of my boot when I'm in the saddle and ask her to flex her neck.  Those lips are always lookin' for mischief. 

2. What is your favorite thing about spring? (Hmmm... I'm thinking there won't be too many people who say 'shedding horses'!)
It sure isn't the snow that is falling today (or blowing horizontally as the case may be).  I find "springtime in the Rockies" to be frustrating when we get teased by a few 70F degree days, followed by a blizzard.  But I do like the moisture we receive because I like the greening of the fields in springtime.

3. What care do you provide for feet? Horse or human! Do you have a special product that you have discovered and just can't do without?
I like to keep my horses barefoot.  I think that's one of the healthiest things for their hooves.  Myself, I hate to go barefoot.  I like to wear sandals though, and if I have the money and the time (both of which are in short supply with horses to care for),  I like going to the spa for pedicures.  

My question for you: Coke or Pepsi?   (Or neither, cuz nothin' beats a tall glass of water.)

See you at the hop:


  1. Shy is lippy, too! She never uses her teeth, but those lips are all over everything!

    Coke! All the way!

  2. Diet caffeine free Coke.

    My favorite thing about Spring? The green pastures and the trees budding. Everything is so pretty.

  3. I like a lippy horse - as long as they don't chew the reins!

  4. Hmmm...I'm sensing a pattern; Pippin is lippy, too! Isn't amazing that those big lips can single out a single button to investigate?

    Like Grey Horse, Diet Caffeine Free Coke.

  5. COKE!

    And I love spring in Colorado. No matter how horrible the weather is one day, it's going to be totally different the next.

    The bad weather never sticks around. And with the fire danger the way it is right now, we need all of the wet stuff we can get.

  6. I don't like the shedding, but I like what it means. And, I have a couple of lippy horses, too--the ones who are closest to me. ;) I must encourage it.

  7. Coke used to be my downfall. But I'm trying very hard to stay away from it. So far it's been over a month without any Coke at all. I hope I can hang tough and stay way from it for good!

    I don't like Spring at all. It's too indecisive!
    I love summer here in our mountains. We can usually count on our summer monsoons to arrive in July, but they are wonderful because it rains for an hour or two and then the sun comes back out.
    No blizzards (both in the form of snow and horse hair) like Spring brings. lol!


  8. Chrome is lippy too! Yep, definitely a pattern lol.

    I'll be the first to say neither! I stopped drinking soda (sprite, orange soda, strawberry soda and grape soda were the only ones I liked) when I was ten or eleven. Now I drink water. Occasionally I'll drink orange juice if I get tired of water (or cranberry juice). I will very rarely drink Mountain Dew if I just have to have some caffeine and I will occasionally drink hot chocolate if it's really cold and I want to warm up. I really wish I could learn to like green tea, but it's just nasty lol. :D As far as Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr Pepper and all of those go all I can say is GROSS!!!!

  9. That is so funny about Misty being so lippy! She sounds not only very curious but also very smart - always looking for new things to discover to expand her world! What a smart horse!!

    I love the light, delicate buds on trees and bushes in springtime. They are so pretty and elegant.

    On feet, I keep Buckshot's hooves bare now. He worked for years on the racetrack and had shoes for years. But when I brought him to his current farm, I didn't think shoes were needed, so we pulled them. He has been doing fine since. Appaloosas often have nice strong hooves, and he does as well.

    For my feet, Ariat boots!!! Love them.

    I go with Coke, preferably diet Coke, if I can't have my first choice which is iced tea.

    Good questions!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see on your About Me gadget that you have a Percheron--I am doing a 3-part series on Perch conformation so I hope you'll stop by again for that :)

    As for Coke or Pepsi--I totally agree. Neither. I try to drink a lot to stay hydrated, so the carbonation isn't very pleasant.