Monday, July 2, 2012

Misty's Monday Muse - Watch the Birdy

MyLady loves little birdies almost as much as she loves me.  She is heartbroken because there is a canary perched on the outside window ledge of her office building.  It is pecking on the glass to get in.  Maybe it is a lost pet from a nearby neighborhood, or it may even be a Waldo Canyon fire evacuee. It is obviously a very tame pet and wants to come inside with the people.

MyLady has succeeded in rescuing tame birds before, including a tame falcon that landed right on her hand as she held it in the air.  But she can't do anything to help this lost little soul, and it is making her very sad.

Some employees asked if they could lure the bird down to the ground with some bird seed.  The facility management people said no, because they don't want to attract other birds to the property.  Harsh!

Good luck little birdy,


  1. So sad! Use a glass cutter to cut a hole int he window, get bird, then tape window back together. . .problem solved :)

  2. Well, if bird seed accidentally dropped out of your pants pockets on the way out who would be the wiser...

    Poor little birdie, hope it will be okay and find a home.

  3. Allison, Grey Horse, I like the way you ladies think. :-) It was so sad because it looked like the poor thing was pleading to come inside. My co-worker, an avid hunter, said 'You can't give human emotions to animals.' I said, "Sure I can, I do it all the time." :-)

  4. Boy, oh boy, did that birdy ever find the right window to perch on to get some empathy!
    Hopefully your little bird will find refuge.

  5. It looks a lot like a goldfinch! I hope it is, because it's chances of survival are much better.

  6. Dreaming, I hope it get lucky and flies to a sympathetic home and quits trying to break into corporate America.

    Terry, I thought it was a goldfinch at first too. But its behavior was too tame. It wanted inside and any time it took flight, it came right back to one of the windows and kept pecking to get in. It's either an American Goldfinch or a Yellow Fronted Canary. The goldfinches dining at my feeder at home are the Lessers; not as much yellow on the back as this little guy. I'd feel better if I could convince myself it was a wild goldfinch though, so I'll try that.

  7. How sad. I would feel dreadful if that happened to me. I hope it finds a new home somewhere.