Monday, June 25, 2012

Misty's Monday Muse - A Mysterious Tale

Somebody has been chewing on my pretty tail.

SaraJane, do you know who might have done this to me?

Who me? 
 I have no idea who chewed your tail.
 I'm just  minding my own business and making a mess of my dinner.
Gee, why is the little sister blamed for everything? 


  1. Oh my! I hope it wasn't Sarah Jane, just look at that innocent face. Maybe Misty was just rubbing it...

  2. That is (was?) a pretty tail!
    Paj has a big ole chunk of missing mane. I'm wondering if Reggie knows anything about it.

  3. It does make a person wonder...

  4. Tee hee!! Pippin knows! He actually prefers chewing on the mane, but a tail will do when the mane can't be reached!