Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th - Have Fun - Be Wise

Happy 4th of July!

Have Fun!

Please Be Fire Wise!

Black Forest Fire Station*

2012 Waldo Canyon Fire
  • 347 homes destroyed
  • 2 people killed
  • Human caused - no other details released to the public

2013 Black Forest Fire
  • 512 homes destroyed
  • 2 people killed
  • Human caused - likely accidental - no other details released to the public

Please be careful.  
 Be wise;  Be safe. 
 Enjoy this great holiday!

* Somebody is missing next to the fire danger sign.  There is usually a bear on the sign.  But some dude from out of state, after viewing national news of the fire, called the firehouse and complained about the bear.  He spewed a bunch of legalese claiming the bear looked too much like the licensed image of "Smokey the Bear".   So the bear was taken down.  Letters have been written to Washington, and the Black Forest bear is expected to return to his place on the sign.  


  1. The fires will forever haunt so many people. Folks sometimes just don't understand how much of a tinderbox we live in. Good warning!

    I can't believe some not-so-nice person made a big deal of the bear. Geesh!

  2. It is dreadful that someone's carelessness causes so much destruction, aside from the deaths which are awful.

  3. Such devastation from carelessness. Hope you're all recovering.

    My answer to people like this jerk with bear issues is : if you minded your own business you wouldn't have much time to mind someone else's. he should get a grip on himself and try to figure out what's really important in life...and it certainly isn't a bear that looks lie Smokey.