Monday, July 15, 2013

Misty's Monday Muse - High Line

MyLady and I  like to camp together.
We're not very experienced.
We're still learning.

Recently we learned how to high line.
MyLady had the hard part.
She had to learn to tie knots.

The Clove Hitch
The Bowline Knot
The Taut Line Hitch

Then she strung a high line between two trees.
She had trouble getting the line high enough for me,
cuz I'm kinda tall.
When we camp for real, it'll have to be much higher,
so I don't get my head caught on the line.
And I'll need a different halter...not a rope halter.
But this was just our first attempt.

Tying knots and hitches with the tree saver straps was awkward.
She needs more practice.
Be kind to trees.
(But I confess, I like to chew on them.)

I had the easy part.
I just hung out on the high line.
I took to it right away.

I like it.

I can relax.
I can move around.
I can put my head down and eat.

Now, that's my idea of camping.


Have you ever gone camping with your peoples and spent the whole dark night on a high-line?  Did you see any bears?


  1. Fun! I really need to work on my knots, I am terrible at them. Good to practice before the real thing, smart lady!

    1. Our hostess had a book called "The Klutz Book of Knots". It had great pictures. I need something like that if I'm going to try this again.

  2. Paint brushes are much easier to deal with which is why I am an artist, not a horsewoman :-)

    1. I am amazed at what and artist can do with a paintbrush. I could make a mess with one.

  3. Perhaps a step ladder would help... or maybe standing on Misty's back, like a circus performer. Hey, that could be the start of a whole new adventure!
    Looks like great fun!

  4. A great tool to have! Ozzy loves it.

  5. Yup, I've gone camping with my horses and high-lined 'em. There are a LOT of knots to learn! Another handy skill for horses to have for camping (and for life and safety in general) is learning how to hobble. When I went camping with my mom in the mountains, all her horses were hobbled after a ride and let loose into the lush mountain meadow where we camped. They can graze to their heart's content but not get anywhere very fast. :D

    1. Sounds like you've done some great back country camping!

  6. Hello - I am a food journalist in the UK and have come across your blog and your experience of getting ill eating red kidney beans.

    Would you be available to talk about it on a Skype interview for UK television? I thought your point about the slow cooker was really interesting as they are becoming increasingly popular in the UK!

    Please can you let me know if you are interested in talking to me and let me know how to make contact. Many thanks Dee.