Saturday, August 1, 2009

Birthday Boots & Cake

Today is my stepdaughter's 19th birthday. We took her shopping for a pair of cowgirl boots then out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

We all left the western wear store with presents.

The girls got boots...

The boys got hats...

Everybody got cheesecake...

I'm a purist when it comes to cheesecake. I like it plain. Dad had dutch apple cheesecake, brother had Snickers bar cheesecake, and the birthday girl had chocolate chip cheesecake. We were all stuffed.

Birthday Girl Boots

OnceUpon's New Boots

P.S. Misty will be musing about last weekend's horsemanship clinic on Monday.


  1. Sorry my email came so late, LOL! I LOVE the boots, both pairs! Fun details!
    And Snickers are one of my to Recess! :)

  2. I mean my comment, not my email, sorry! I'm brain-dead after two days of trail riding! Glad the bday was great!

  3. Those were some fancy boots!
    And some delicious cakes!
    Hope you are feeling better now, OnceUpon?

  4. Pony Girl...thanks. The store was having a boot sale and the selection of sizes was picked over, but we both chose some very comfortable Ariats. I like Ariat and ride in their paddock boots and have a pair of their Fat Baby boots. This is just the start, as I'm sure you know. I will keep my eye out for some more authentic cowgirl boots. But I have bad feet, so comfort has to be a big part of the purchase. My SD looks really cute in hers with her jeans tucked in and she'll wear them with a dress too.

    HOC, thanks. Unfortunately I'm still suffering with this awful cough and still fatigued. Going to an Ear-Nose-Throat doc next.

  5. I love those boots too. The pair with the blue detail matches well with blue denim jeans. I took my daughter on a shopping spree today for an early birthday present, since she will be in another state on the day of her real birthday, only we mostly came home with underwear. That's not as exciting as boots and hats.

  6. Love the boots and cheesecake photos! They are great, but the cowboy photo is the most fun. It looks like men who were dragged along and then ended up having fun picking out cowboy hats! Funny!

  7. Ooooh lah lah!!! LOVE the boots! Sweeeeet! I'll take some cheesecake too, please!! lol Yum! Happy B-day to the girl with the fabulous boots!

  8. Thanks NuzMuz. Funny about your shopping spree. But, underwear is a good thing.

    juliette, you're right, the men did have fun picking out their hats. I'm surprised because my DH rarely treats himself, but usually just finds a chair to park in and patiently wait while the rest of us shop.

    HorseCrazed, thanks. I will pass your Bday greeting to the Bday girl. She will like that.