Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marley on Parade

Marley was all charm and sweetness when we entered him in a parade, dressed in candies and lollipops. The family dressed to match and while I led Marley, Mr. OnceUpon and the kids passed out candy to children along the parade route. It was great family fun.

Pre-parade grooming & primping zone.

Sweet Pony

Lots of people stopped us as we were walking to the staging area, asking "What kind of horse is that?" and "Can my children pet your horse?" Marley was a charmer and his cute, round behind evoked a lot of giggles.

No caption necessary.

The only downside to being in a parade, is that you don't get to watch the parade.


  1. How adorable. I love his sweet cheeks!

  2. Awesome! What a good boy, Marley. Love the new blog decor.

  3. My boy lollipop, tidumdidapopopp...

    What fun idea and outfit! Super cute!
    And he is looking good, OnceUpon, exteriorwise I mean.
    And your new blog design? WOW!
    Who has done it?

  4. Marley is the cutest boy I ever saw!!! What a sweetie. You are very lucky to have him!! I want a Fjord!

  5. RMY, GreyHorse, thank-you. I think he's pretty cute too.

    RuckusButt, I dind't know what his reaction might be, but he was a very good boy. One brief freak out before the parade when we had to stage near a marching band that loud.

    HorseOfCourse, thanks for complimenting Marley's appearance. That big belly will always be there, but I constantly keep my hands on him feeling for weight and a couple of vets have told me his weight is just right. Remeber we talked about shine on the Fjord coat? After his latest bath I did notice a nice sheen to his coat.

    I commissioned the princess on horseback painting and had a blog designer put it all together. She is "The Pixel Boutique". At the bottom of my rightmost side bar is a link to her. She does nice work.

    Jan, thanks. I had a lot of fun dressing him up like that, although his belly kept making his "shirt" slide forward. ha! I may have to do it again next year.

    juliette, Fjords are great fun. A bit challenging because of their smarts and strength, but really a lot of fun to work with.

  6. So pretty!! Why when I see a Fjord I just want to run up to them and sink my hands in to their mane and rub my nose in their coat? They are just irresistible!

  7. Aww, thanks Horse Crazy. They are fun little horses; and very hugable.

  8. Being a fjordhorse mommy(I have two, lucky me!), I can agree on how wonderful those beasties are! We took our old mare,who has since passed on, to several parades. She even pulled the circus king and queen in Peru, Indiana. For her, all in a day's work.

  9. phaedra96, thanks for visiting my blog. You are indeed lucky to have two Fjords!