Monday, August 24, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

I have been a very good girl this summer, if I may say so myself.

I went on my first trail ride in July. My Lady rode Marley and Cowboy Trainer rode me. You wouldn't have known it was my very first trail ride, I was so calm and relaxed.

I was a brave girl too.

Most of the horses balked at all the mud holes on the trail...

Not me. What's a little mud and water? I think it is good for my hooves, and maybe my tail too...

None of the other horses dared cross this one with the temporary bridge...

Ho hum, just another mud crossing.
I like bridges.

I walked over some big, fallen trees off the trail too. Cowboy Trainer said it was like riding a horse with a lift kit.

We had beautiful weather this past weekend, so My Lady took me to a 2 hour lesson Friday afternoon. The instructor did some ground work with me and rode me for a few minutes to see what I know. It didn't take her long to discern what a good girl I am. My Lady got on next and we did some exercises at the walk and the trot in the arena to help us get in sync with each other.

I had a nice cool shower when I got home and then I rolled in the dirt. It felt great!

My, what big feet I have.

The next morning we picked up Andy and his mom and we went to a lovely park where My Lady and I had our first trail ride together. Andy and I got along great and we became good trail buddies.

That windmill was a little scary though. Andy thought so too. It moved in the wind and made creepy noises as we rode by.

Andy had a piece of grass sticking out of his mouth. He looked silly, so being the good friend that I am, I thought I would help him get rid of it.

Pssst, Andy, you've got something in your teeth.

We're looking forward to more lessons and more fun trail rides this summer.

Did I tell you? I'm a very good girl!


  1. Hi Misty!
    Going on trails is great fun, don’t you think?
    I think you are a Brave Girl too. That wind mill looked scary!
    How nice of you to take care of Andy’s teeth. One has to look decent going out in public.
    Getting a snack, a shower and a roll when coming home, that is super!

  2. Adorable!!!!! I love how Misty helped Andy with the grass. Too cute! What a wonderful horse you are, Misty!

  3. Glad to hear how brave you were and what a nice time you all had. So nice of you to help your pal look presentable by taking that grass from him. But, what are friends for after all.

  4. Thanks for the grins! Your both doing awesome, taking it all in stride!

  5. Thank you HorseOfCourse, GHM, juliette, and aurora. I do like going on trail rides, especially when their are treats, even if I have to steal them out of another horse's mouth.

  6. Hi Misty I sure do envy you. A nice relaxing day on the trails pretty much beats anything else .. well except dinner time! Our weather has been so iffy here that we can't get time out on the trails. But I've signed Rosie up for a ride-a-thon that proceeds benefit a local equine educational program. 600 acres of glorious trails!

  7. JeniQ, I have to agree with you, not much beats dinner time. Good luck to you and Rosie on your ride-a-thon. Can't wait to hear about it.