Monday, November 2, 2009

Misty's Monday Muse

I'm lonely. Marley left this morning to attend boot camp for fat ponies. Actually, he's gone to boarding school for a week of driving training. But he'll have to exercise every day at school, so it will be like boot camp for him.

I miss my fat pony already. I will need extra attention from my people this week. And carrots.

Yes, lots of carrots. Carrots will ease my lonely heart.


  1. And I'm sure it's carrots you will have a plenty. Hope they make you feel better.

  2. Awww I'm sorry Misty! I'm sure Marley will be home soon with lots of stories to tell you.

    Has the snow gone away yet?

    Enjoy your carrots!

  3. Poor Misty and Marley! That is hard being separated. I hope carrots and love help.

  4. Ooh, poor you Misty!
    Even carrots can't make up for being alone, I'm sure.
    But I belive Marley will have a busy week. Maybe he has some exciting stories to tell when he comes home?

  5. Thank you, nice people, for your sympathy.

    GreyHorse, the carrots do help a little. And I don't have to share them with Marley.

    JeniQ, thanks I am enjoying the nightly carrots in my bucket. And oh yes, we still have snow on the ground even though we've had bright sunny days recently.

    juliette, yum, carrots. I don't like apples, so if I lived near you, there would have to be a carrot stool in the fields.

    HorseOfCourse, well, yes, carrots are a momentary distraction, but I'll take them any time I can. But last night there appeared something new hanging from the barn porch. A banana flavored Likit. That will help me pass the lonely nights.

    Marley should come home with good stories. He has a better attitude toward pulling things than I do. I get all squirrely and scared about all that noise and activity going on behind me. But I may go back to driving school next year and try again when I've matured mentally some more.